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Robert Udrea Dec 2018
In sullen spaces night by night you keep your eyes
Those seducing hopes and a darker mind than mine,
You see yourself a pure, wise madonna,
But there you are, a shadow in some evil webs.

Overseas I summon you for innumerable times
You fill your ears with flesh and Sunday dreams,
I’ll drown you when your clippers meet
My loving arms you used to care.
I have been blessed with another chance
You ate your parts, thousands of souls,
Far away in the murmur of the air you breathe
You better run, faster than a bullet; as you know,
I never sensed a bit of fear
Even if it were to be buried afront, so close,
I’ll take a sip from you, a black widow wine.
Robert Udrea Oct 2018
It’s when my wings we’re naturally
falling to no end, but all at once,
I felt that tumble like a dagger
in my burdened, weeping heart,
The sound of you, spreading in the sky
traced one Ursa Major in my mind,
The fear wasn’t completely gone,
i stood up, even so, I was the man
To bind a grieving to a guiltless heart,
It’s twenty forty eight once more
another wink of now, my weary dreams
Go faint, how can we really survive?
as time will never learn to stop,
I want to hear your voice again, but
twenty forty eight will never be alike.

— The End —