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I had always loved conversations with my head
But I don't know ,why it's not following the **** script!
Expect the unexpected!
She drinks more coffee now and has
found new TV shows.  The figures
have melted into blurs of color.

She misses your sweetness and
your smells.  The kiss on her
cheek, the hand on her breast.
All gone.  The times they hsve
a changed.  

Music is her companion.  Bob
Dylan sings in her bluetoothed
ear.  She thinks of you.  She sends
her lonely love thru a mask of
gauze and presses her old face
against a window.

The virus that kept you away
holds her hostage to a long

She throws
a silent kiss.

And waves
thru her tears.

Caroline Shank
Long forgotten the days of love
When a mere touch ignited the fire of lust
A single gaze was enough to drive you crazy
Long forgotten those days,
When I was your Lady
Sweet smiles, single text drove you wild
Laughter soon faded,
When unveiled two faced monster,
Intimates talks just cobwebs of disaster
Now, onto your next prey
Recreating the same game
No heed to broken heart
Innocence served on silver platter
Long forgotten the days of love,
Which actually mattered?

— The End —