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Christina S Dec 2019
That special season is here
With Christmas love and cheer
And the children are full of laughter;
they help decorate the tree
as they're filled with glee
It's the spirit of giving I'm after!
There's lists of things to do
And shopping lists, that's true!
All for the magical month of December;
And for the good girls and boys
we'll buy them clothes and toys
And donate to those in need--we'll remember!
When Christmas finally is here
And our loved ones are near
We'll open our gifts and thank the "One";
Without Christ there would be no special day
So we honor Him in our traditional way
We gather 'round the tree and have so much fun.
Each Christmas is special for old and the young
If family or friends we're among
Then we're truly blessed this joyous day!
My favorite time of year
Christina S Oct 2019
As the autumn leaves whirl around
I sit quietly listening to the sound
And look outside, struck by what I've found
The beauty that surrounds

Now fall is not my favorite time of year
Christmas is, and for good cheer
I get to spoil my kids, and my dear
And love abounds

I love my husband and he loves me
There's no arguing, we live happily
I'm awestruck everyday by what I feel and see
Like his queen, I was crowned

So as I'm faced with autumn, and the cold
I'll surround myself with love and beauty untold
I have my love and he has me to hold
As the leaves fall all around
For my love
Christina S Oct 2019
Rainy days, they are the worst
Gloomy skies, disheartened sighs
I know the trees, they have a thirst
And to summers end we'll say goodbye

Thunder in a lightning storm
There are no birds melodies today
Outside it is too **** warm
A sign of our societies decay
Christina S Sep 2019
I savor our moments
And long for your touch
It's me you enrapture
I need you so much!

Can't tell you just how
I quiver when you're near
Just need to hold you
And have you with me here

I know I'm missing a
descriptive metaphor or noun
But you just read the words of
this poem where my love can be found.
  Sep 2019 Christina S
There's a flower
that grows
in the darkness.
It actually flourishes
in the shade.

It blooms in spite
of the darkness
when sunlight
begins to fade.

So many reasons
it shouldn't exist.
I wish it’s beauty
could be celebrated
with a smile.

As one of
those flowers  
I may as well bloom,
because it’s gonna be
dark for a while.

There’s a flower
that grows in darkness.
Lily of the Valley is said to be biblical.
Legend has it that Lily of the valley
sprang from Eve's tears
when she was exiled
from the Garden of Eden.
Christina S Sep 2019
Thank you for reminding me of my beauty
Thank you for doing what you do to me
Thank you for being there at just the right time
Thank you for setting my soul free!

I wanted to write this poem
Not that it had to be done
But rather that I appreciate you
And to let you know that I have fun
Christina S Sep 2019
The autumn winds roar like
my inner goddess does for you.
Although the leaves change, love,
I promise that I never do!

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