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Raz Jorden Jun 2019
You knock at my mind
And I won’t let you enter
You circle my silhouette
Slip in through the shadow
behind the heart chakra
Is that where you hide
Where I find the chains of you
And so I had this key
You remember it
Ah, you still have it
Swept under bridges,
You store it
Kept quiet until later
When it’s all over
And time doesn’t matter
When nothing else matters
That is where we exist
Forever entangled,
In the mess of our intentions
Never re-entering
Only remembering
Secretly within
the echoes of our mind
Lonely and waiting for admittance
Raz Jorden Apr 2020
I gave you my wings but you let me fly
Wishing wells forever echo our sound
With painted feathers of lost memory
I sweep silent my old bones from the ground

— The End —