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Anthea 3d
Wrong time
You mentioned her after dinner
Wrong place
The warmth of a June day in New York City
A day late
He blushes but it isn't for me to see
A dollar short
And I haven't seen him since
I cant handle the disappointment of his blackberry eyes
So I don't dare look
Anthea 3d
I wish I could see the future
To know if you were meant for me
So I could have a dream to look forward to
And ease this onset of anxiety
I wish I could read your heart
Like a glowing crystal ball
To know how you truly felt
And if you did care for me after all
I wish I could read the skyline
The subconscious of your mind
To know if there is something between us
In any other time
I'm left with enormous thirst
Like a half bloomed flower
Waiting for it's moment to burst
But not every bud blooms
And not every future is certain
And while you are lost in another flower field
I am waiting beyond a clouded curtain
Waiting to feel your feet on my path
Waiting for you to visit
Will you pluck me in your wrath?
Or plant yourself in the space next to mine

Not every bud blooms
But this bud could bloom in time...
Anthea 3d
The weather is sweet today
64 degrees
Blush colored sky promises sun again tomorrow
Today's breeze is the first breath I've taken all year
And my lungs are atrophied
Anthea 3d
I'm anxious
That you'll stop needing me
The bricks between us keep getting taller
And harder for me to hurdle
I'm always the one scaling the wall
Pick axing through the center
So I can grab your hand
And yell wait!
I'm uneasy
That you'll stop wanting me
The miles between us keep getting longer
And harder for me to walk
I'm always the one running the path
Hijacking cars and speeding
So I can miss your hand
And yell wait!
I'm stressed
That you'll move on without me
The calendar keeps flipping
Years and years go by
I'm always the one trying to catch up to you
Running out of breath
So I can see the back of your head
And yell wait!

But you don't hear me...
Anthea Feb 19
We've grown apart
And back together
Through seasons and seasons
Of stormy weather
Anthea Feb 14
And like the rare blood moon
Shining rouge hues against my skin
He saw me
But I was too afraid to ask how I looked
For 2 years and 2 months
My tears are falling
When his voice carries through my room
It's palpable
Struck with the realization
That like the blood moon
Even he could see a woman like me every once in a while
Struck with the pain of knowing
In a different reality
We may have been lovers
And in this one
We'll always be a night sky apart
Anthea Jan 30
And I had a dream
That the winds took me
Up and up
Above the clouds
And I couldn't fall back down
I wondered what it means
But I already knew
If I'm meant to be at all
I'm meant to be with you
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