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You're wearing me out with your indifference
like a pair of boots walking long distance.
No matter which route I take
I never seem to reach your heart.

Tried travelling down other paths,
but it don't take long before
I have to turn back.
My only destination is wherever you're at..
But you get further and further away.
Kings command and Knights clash  
Power eventually fades and weakens
People who are politically skillful play the game
Understand, expect nothing. Appreciate everything.

People who are politically skillful
Understand, power doesn't corrupt it reveals
Understand,power  is the great conductor of the universe
Understand, expect nothing. Appreciate everything.

Once someone has it the curtains are raised
Rulers see through spies
allies, pawns or even weak masters serve as fronts
Understand, the people you associate with are critical
Understand, Watch those around you

People who are politically skillful
Study the seasons and appear intelligent
However, no amount of thinking in advance can prepare you
Understand, expect nothing. Appreciate everything
Her heart was full of bookmarks
From those who had once loved her pages,
But not enough to finish what they had started.
i just saw you fall out of love with me
there.. i saw it
in your eyes
just now
one minute you were talking
and you breathed in
and then you breathed me out
you breathed me out
you blinked
and when your eyes opened
i saw that little spark that kept me so warm
had died
it was gone
and you laughed still
pretending you didn't feel it too
but i know you felt it
that silent hurricane
you laughed
but there was no song
i heard nothing
where there was once a symphony
lay just sheets of music
and in that very moment
the record crackled to a finish
you carefully lifted the needle
and our song was over
I can't decipher what you're thinking,
but you know I wish I could,
as you're sorrowfully drinking,
and I'm not doing all I should.
But how do I begin, when you're so far away?
How do I find the words, to say what I've got to say?
Because I fear your too far gone,
that you're forever moving on,
but something makes me stay,
if only you also felt this way,
then maybe, I don't know...
I wish you'd let, your feelings show.
i want to be your sun
the reminder that all of those demons are gone
i want to be the one
who you yearn to see at midnight
i want you to grasp my wrist at dusk
pleading me to never leave at twilight
no, i dont want to be your moon
i dont need a ball of fire behind me to shine,
no, i dont want to be your stars
there is only one me that you should find
i am more than a silhouette of something shallow,
i am not that broken to scatter all around your black treacle
but i want to be your constant dose of relief
those demons behind your face will vanish because of me
yet you always seek for those **** little twinkling dots
because there is more of them
but i am also one of them, why can't you see?
it's probably because your eyes burn when you look at me.
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