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She’s a Poem
He’s an Invisible Ink

She’s a Love Ballad
He’s a Vocal Less Echo

She’s a Soothing Lullaby
He’s a Muted Lyric

She's a Warm Breeze
He's a Whimpered Wind

She’s a Wished Rain
He’s a Thirst in Desert

She’s a Flying Dream
He’s a Falling Demon

She’s Nourishing on Pages
He's Dissolving into Ink

As if, Final Chapter of His Book in a Making?
She May Breathe Forever in His Silent Echoes...
for you dearest 'Lady of the Sea'
"Your Brain Is Honest Ever Critic, If You Manage To Convince It; Other's Need Not To Be Convinced"
Sad as the kiss goodbye
the tears in the morning
the cold sheet
by the space
next to you.
Hope the phone's broken
there's no one calling
must have checked the volume
a million times.
In your mind
hope's replaced by wishful thinking
wakeful dreaming
feel like screaming
'cause next to you
was once a face
radiant as the sun in the morning
happy as the kiss hello.
Goodbye Sunshine,
You were never real
You were merely artificial light
That I gave meaning to
You never touched the drapes of my windows
Because you were never the sun
Only the real sun comes through my windows like a lion
Bright golden yellow,
Keeping me from my dreams
Because finally, I find my bliss in reality

How can I fathom leaving this delusion?
I have all these poems about you,
Inspired dreams, hopeful writings about you
And yet, here I am
I dug the grave
To bury the dream my wild imagination created
My imagination, always going too far down the rabbit hole,
Until my glasses are traded in for
Virtual reality goggles
And all I could see
Is my fantasy unfolding right in front of me

Here I am, on this oddly warm day
In January,
Laying my figment of you down to rest
How can I let go,
When I never truly got to feel and see
What it would be like
To be yours
Maybe I wouldn't have even enjoyed it.
They say you'll spend the new year
the same way you spend it's eve,
but I pray that's not true
because a year without you
might be the end of me
Being away from you feels like needle pricked heart
Feels like every passing grain of sand
drives a canyon between us
For every moment we're apart
another ray of sunshine is drip-dripping from me
Like the faulty faucet in my bathroom,
baby, I just need a caring hand
A hug and a band-aid and a promise for tomorrow
But, until then,
sunshine rains in my gut 
and my sink still leaks
Its seems like this love will never work
Feels like we're all happy
But deep down we're always hurt
I can't help you get away from your insecurities
You can't free me from my mind
But we Keep trying to move forward
Leaving all this **** behind

I'm trying to find me
You're looking for you
And we are trying to mend each other
And love each other too
And I know it's hard
When your past is so painful
And we react from our scars
But I would never blame you

Because I know how it feels
To be hurt by someone who never loved me.
But I try my best to move along and put it all above me
And I cried for some time but trust me it's all a phase
Please believe me when I tell you there will be better days

I'll take good care of your heart
If you take care of mine
And all the things you feel right now
Will get better over time .
Something I wrote a while back. Thanks for reading!
It's crazy
How I'd follow you across the world
And wouldn't even think twice...
She looked so small when she slept.

The bed wasn't big by any means, I could've easily stretched myself across the entirety of it and she would still find a perfect spot to curl up next to me.

Her hair was funny.

I would wake to see traces of brownish blonde hair before anything else. It would tickle my nose as I breathed deeply, taking in her scent and letting it remind me that I'm awake.

So beautiful.

A feeling would go through me as I see her there, snuggled up against me. A warm heat that quickly spreads and turns into a dull ache. Sometimes it would pass. Sometimes I would forget it by pulling her close and breathing. She smelled like shade on a hot summer day.

Sometimes I couldn't handle the feeling, like having her was too much.

I worried about her. I worried about what she would give up, being with me, as well as whether or not she was happy. I worried so much.

When I held her, she felt so small, as if she would be lost by morning if I didn't keep hold through the night. So small, that one day I might lose her, and in a way lose myself.

I wondered if there is any reason for her to wake.

As long as I could, I would be that reason.

Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated!
I think the worst of it
Is that you.. forget
Who you were before
Memories slip away
And feelings
Until you're left with this
Vague sense, this innate
That you used to be more
You used to be something
With more substance
Than this *ghost
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