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Prajakta Mhadnak Jan 2018
I was born from the ashes of fear, guilt and shame.
Cut me into pieces and I will grow separately from all the blood-spattered pieces of my being.
Freer than before.
I have those cuts hidden somewhere under my skin.
I still breath through unhealed wounds.
I still bleed every month.
I still believe in lies.
I still choose the wrong path.
I don't need your religion to believe in myself.
I don't need you to wipe my blood stains.
I don't need you to tell me what's right.
Not this time.
Burn me and every inch of my flesh will explode viciously to reborn again and again.
Fierce than before.
My blood is still boiling and running through my fresh veins.
I won't let you drown in the hollowness
I won't immolate myself
I won't give you a chance to carry my burned flesh.
I won't follow these path of illiberal rules.
I don't want you to compromise your love.
I don't want you to devour the poison.. alone.
I don't want you to suffer ..just because you are supposed to.
Not this time..
Not this time.
Prajakta Mhadnak Dec 2017
She is the nature
She is the creator
She is the nurturer and the destroyer
consort of Shiva, complete source of power.

She is the breath,
She is the death
An eternal fire and internal desire
She is an infinite energy, in dark attire.

She is in Sudarshan ,
She is in Trishul
The intensity of black hole and awakened soul
Without her everything is powerless, even the hollowness.

She is in you,
She is in me
She is in trinity
She is the 'Shakti'.
Prajakta Mhadnak Nov 2017
I never had enough ..
I borrowed pieces from the people
whom I met in this journey
and I became a whole thing..
I decorated those pieces with my art ..
Now, I owe you a part of me
and so, whenever you feel alone
or your life knocks you down,
or you feel that you are losing yourself,
Don't give up.
Come to me...
I'll fill your hollowness with the
most magnificent part of yourself ..
Your existence will continue in me
Let my art live within you..
It will keep you alive...
Together we'll become a wholething.
If this is not an  'Art of Living',
I don't know what else is...

— The End —