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Vanessa Gatley
21/F    Love life only get date once So check them out , share some of my work, if you like FOLLOW BACK love ya keep writing ...
Franck Aleksander
20/M/Aberdeen    As once said by a very underrated band: Love: "It will not betray you, dismay or enslave you. It will set you free" Personally have ...
Impeccable Space Poetess
Life♡Love    I'm no good at BIOS etc But~this is SO--GOOD:);):)<333 ...thanks for posting xour lovely poems... ❤ IMPECCABLE SPACE POETESS
Ely Averill
Australia    Poetry is self expression. It is a way in which people can express themselves through words—the combination the choice and the lack of it. It ...
Kaitlin Floyd
They say writers are born, not made. I believe myself a born writer. For I do not express myself in tears, or violence - but ...
solEmn oaSis
Malabon City Philippines    "continue reading" at the perfect time can follow the flow of a poet such like me, some kind of a mime now you see ...
cosmo naught
the woods are lovely, dark and deep
18/F/New Zealand    Poetry is Art
Bela Matyas Feher
A friend suggested that I share my work here, so here I am. I write mostly sensory-inspired things, but occasionally, I will expand into other ...
Ohio    J. Harris is a Black 23 year old Muslim living in America. He has previously been published in The Linden Avenue Literary Journal and Marshall ...
Got Guanxi
London - England    I won't explain what the poems mean so don't ask! You are the music while the music lasts. - if it's untitled, then it's unfinished. ...
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Hemel Hempstead    Poet and short story writer. My short stories are mainly horror. I was attacked in 1997 and my left leg badly burnt which led me ...
23/F/Bali, Indonesia.    Poems are inspired by pictures, people, and sweet tragedies.
Egypt    Drunk on poetry. I write to free my soul. Poetry is the only way out of this labyrinth.
Hannah f
New Orleans    21/fire in my soul
DaSH the Hopeful
23/M/Rome, Ga    Please hit me up with collabs, no matter how crazy or tame your idea is. Or if you wanna just talk and see what we ...
CDO, Philippines    I am WillyamPax from the Philippines. If you want to know me, all my poetry are mere reflections of my past & present self.

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