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cosmo naught Jan 27
of course I’m still in love.

many of them.

one with you,
one is yours.

and I look so warmly forward to you.

it is still you I speak to;
I hear when my mind is quiet.

and it’s you I purely cry for,
if anything I’ll ever do could be.

of course.
maybe always
cosmo naught Nov 2018
oh, it’s starting
oh it’s starting.
Oh it’s starting
Oh it’s starting!
Oh, it’s over
Oh it’s over
oh it’s over
oh it’s over
cosmo naught Oct 2018
you are not more important than me.
cosmo naught Sep 2018
I know what you are like,
and cannot breathe when you are with me.
for the scent I still spend
quiet time remembering
cosmo naught Jul 2018
Regret turns me
into a wilting paper flower
Good for nothing
but to write down what I love there
for another
cosmo naught Jun 2018
I had dreams that stuck with me
     They stuck with me.

I had a dream you love me
Lady, love me.
      Love me!
     love me,

H-h?hold and
You can touch me

Kiss me (lightly,
(Lovely (lovely)


she’s all Complete and i
Could never get enough

(!) please
Put yourself above me

Lush and comely,
Lady lovely
cosmo naught May 2018
I know you think I know the truth.
all truth, or so you thought.
I think you think I am the truth.
or was (but I am not.)
And I know you think you know that,
but I left it all unsaid.
The truth is I'm holding a bird in my hand,
but the bird in my hand — it is dead.
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