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cosmo naught Oct 19
just cuz ya
want it
don’t mean that
ya get it

& just cuz ya don’t
doesn’t mean
it’ll stop

It’s love!
   or something

   it’s probably not
cosmo naught Sep 7
the best thing you can do
when you have lost control
is a deep, judicious pruning.

You will feel bare,
then grow back healthier.
cosmo naught Jul 10
the world's silliest man is treating me to *** & breakfast.

giggles galore & in the early afternoon, he will be gone again.

you wouldn't ask the world's silliest man to take anything too seriously.

he does what he does well, and so, too, do i —

we get down to funny business, and it's nice.

it's nice, letting him be good & sweet & secret, in my eyes at breakfast.

because even if he isn't serious, you can trust a silly man with silly things.
cosmo naught Mar 21
the deep & sultry sorrow of missing you:
my favorite thing to do.

it is indulgent.

dark & vacuous;
full, and wholly incomplete

rich & luscious,
it is crushed and crushing velvet —
crushing me.

swells of existential love
like a photo negative
it's all there,
and it still Is.
inverted, inside-out, and twisted;
but inarguably evident.

dwelling in your absence,
delving deep in pain of life,
to bask in such sensuous strife,
you're hardly missing.
cosmo naught Mar 19
I’m a propagation of
my oldselves, born anew.

Every broke & breaking Me,
  rooted loose or deeply
in the ground, neatly plowed:

a new timeline.
—I’m Prolific!
I spill, over, over;

mended heart,
A tempered shoulder,

Each node of mine,
in the ground; water
luck and a blessing
cosmo naught Oct 2020
my very favorite thyme plant,
it never went to seed.
Well hey, maybe me either dude
let’s just enjoy the leaves
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