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my very favorite thyme plant,
it never went to seed.
Well hey, maybe me either dude
let’s just enjoy the leaves
cosmo naught Oct 17
The world is very vicious
cold, and quite alone.

And so to find something so gentle —
that gentleness, I think, is bliss.

Not sure.

I’ll let you know.
cosmo naught Oct 12
a feeling that's unshakable
like Fate, you know
(it’s make-believe.
like seeing things)
So gratefully and
hateful, I am
stirring in my sleep.

so Crucial.
I'm a piece of work
progressing I'm
I’m a Wreck:
an honest blessing.

no illusion,
there‘s no losing
so my pain is
of my choosing
in the end but
Not for now,
if I could soothe
myself somehow,

like to rebreak so to reset it;
Forgive so to forget, I cannot say
I understand
but, ever woefully
I get it.
cosmo naught Aug 5
closer to god out here
butterin bread while the
sweat bees do sambas
all over my legs
just as quick to forget
as i am to recall
that i do sure the most
doin nothin at all
cosmo naught Aug 4
. deep,
. drip

. distilled &
. crystalline

outdid yourself, truly,
politely with neatness.
it’s yours now,
. the sweetness,
. please take it and go.

dark &
. divine.

tapped some pure purpose
right out of my spine!

like sugarcane grasses,
from sorghum,
congrats man,
. you did it —
it’s yours now, not mine.
cosmo naught Aug 1
wanna make you food and baby you
is that too much to wanna do
cosmo naught Jul 31
i wanna make you food and baby you—
is that too much to wanna do?
(without you, yes; it does take two)
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