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Monique Oct 2022
What's this..a new idea?,
says the puppeteer letting down his strings. We shall play by the narrative of skepticism one wrong move and I will have to cut your strings.
I control your every move demands the puppeteer
You will never have to learn to trust yourself it's for you own good the puppeteer continued.

My dear puppet what's the matter you no longer dance, you no longer have a smile on your face.
I have sheltered you from such sorrow you display.
Is it that time, has it become that day. Where I must cut your strings. You finish your final scene. It all seems to end but death to one's old self to begins.
Monique Sep 2022
Ever felt at ease when being around someone? Ever felt fearless and safe at the same time..
We sit in slience but our minds wonder through eachothers souls, no need for communication.Words are still thoughts,
yet already understood.
Monique Aug 2022
I sit here by the river tonight.
No faithful moon in the sky to console me. Life is a mystery, I have the ugre to control. I listen to the water flowing below, trying decipher its secret whispers.
To find any answer from what life is around me. All I hear is the sound of birds cackling in the middle of the night. Mocking me as if to say the answers you are looking for will never come to light.
Monique Aug 2022
Why would I hurry home to return to an empty bed, when I could watch you fly home instead. So high up above the clouds,heading towards the moon. I am left Longing to see you again soon.
Monique Aug 2022
Love is at the door
Do I answer it or leave it to wait more. Hide away untill the tears are gone, untill one day I'm big and strong. I cant possibly show that there is something wrong.
If answer the door which mask shall I wear? The night is young, how should I appear? someone happy and full of life or unspiral intosomeone I totally despise.
Monique Jun 2022
My soul is devoured by fear at night
screams with held from the world of today, the screams they echo throughout my dreams.
I see visions of panic and dismay. I am rattled awake with the nightmares of him yelling at me. running away with no reason, not saying what has been done. I look everywhere and I cant find him. He cant be the one who will save me.
Where I once took refuge in him. My stronghold had turned into rubble all he has left is the broken emptiness of his remains
Monique Dec 2018
I will meet you in my dreams, The only place we could truly meet. But through the portal of dreams and reality ;I was awake with my eyes open wide. To you standing right in front of me for a limited of time, before you were gone again. For those moments I did not know what to do. I couldn't comprehend any of this was entirely true. I reached out for a loving embrace. We stood quiet as how hearts slowed down to the same beat. Your gold watch sparkled as time came to and end. One last time I looked in your eyes, I thought this was our last goodbye.

Then every night you appeared in my dreams. The feeling of regret for not kissing you, the one moment you were real. But you crossed though my reality once again.This time not like before, you had a fire behind your eyes. Your intentions were clear and fiery. I felt the heat of our passion as we kissed. Yet again time was not on our side ,this time you weren't keeping check.  I almost forgot to wake up, when I woke I was hot to the touch. My soft skin all patchy and red.  Your love burnt me.
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