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Kaitlin Floyd Jan 2016
The adrenaline, the invincibility,
There was nothing that could stop me.
Testing the end of my limits,
As though my life had but minutes.

Restraints shed, I was unleashed,
A wild animal finally released.
And my potential energy,
Exploded in a cloud of ecstasy.

And my blood was finally singing again…

For I am animal that can't be chained...
Kaitlin Floyd Jan 2016
Do you remember who you were,
The great songwriter, the passionate poet?
Intelligence rolls off you in waves,
Why do you hide it?

Do you remember who you were,
The kind classmate, the loving friend?
But you act so aloof and cold,
Why must you pretend?

In your pursuit for flings and,
In your pursuit for popularity,
You’ve left something behind,
And that happens to be me.

Because I see your hurt spirit,
One in need of saving.
That your hidden porcelain heart,
Is broken, and in need of mending.

You’re broken, beautiful, and in need of awakening.


Am I deluding myself?
Do you not want a saviour?
Perhaps the dark life you’ve got,
Is the one you desire.

*But I don’t want to believe you are lost to me.
Kaitlin Floyd Jan 2016
Why? Why on earth am I the way I am?
Kaitlin Floyd Jan 2016
I can feel the pounds of burden,
Weighing on my chest.
It hurts more than anything,
I only want to rest.

I want to cry my heart out,
I want to scream my lungs open.
The everlasting pounds of agony,
Leaves me beat and broken.
Kaitlin Floyd Jan 2016
Life is full of emotions,
Sun rays, thunder and rain.
But what truly makes one strong,
Is the burning hatred, searing pain.

Life can be a holocaust,
Life can be a candy cane.
But what truly makes one strong,
Is the burning hatred, searing pain.
Kaitlin Floyd Jan 2016
Her eyes are almost dead,
Struggling to get out of bed.
As she begins to dress,
In the mirror she sees a mess.

There’s so much she can do,
But there’s also nothing to do.
Nothing at all gets done,
She clutches her head as it spun.
Kaitlin Floyd Jan 2016
Where did all the ambition go?
The drive I had to succeed?
Why can’t I summon the strength,
Now that I’ve come to this length?
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