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I'm so drained of life, can't fight any longer, of late all I've felt was the pain, the heartache and emotional hunger, devoid of a soul which she cruelly kept, left me a shell. I've joined the leaves of late, shaking to the ever colder wind. My stem has left the tree, floated down with love and now finally discarded. My soul and my body rot away, with every day, Why did I ever meet her?, I wonder, I guess not the desired lover, friend and wife, but rather the reaper in a beautiful Disguise.
Ps, Love really *****
Breathe, With thought comes hurt from this broken body, Cries of pain throughout this shattered soul.
Breathe, Heros of old, covered in awe and admiration, men and women who withstood deaths of their beloved hearts.
Breathe, Our song, an old one indeed, I made my world know of it, no one took it, the weight of one existence, lives within me.
Breathe, that existence is yours as inside you are my Hope's and dreams, flow of your blood and twitch of your eye.
Breathe, soft gentle being, cold to the touch, warm to the heart, my reason for everything.
Breathe, Broken bones and lime eyes, fixated frown and stained porcelain skin, an abrupt end to all of my thoughts, an unimaginable sin.
Breathe, my story ends before your last breath, without you beloved heart, I fade in a circle by the sea.
Breathe, not as strong or fearless, i am sentenced to you, and I live out my time, happy, tearful but most of all missing you.
To My Darling Anna
The only person I have ever met who bewitched me, kicked me in the *****, hugged me, slapped me, made me smile, laughed at me, inspired my dreams and whispered into my heart the definition of love.
Last time we met, my heart stopped beating, you leaving, causing me to feel defeated,
Oh Anna
My Love
I Miss your head on my shoulder, at waters reach
The sun that day, burning our Skin, your touch so much hotter, burning within.
That Night I felt your love justly split, but don't get me wrong love, I dont blame you even a bit, take Icarus for sample, when he reached a high his true loves flame, made him fall and die.
But am I afraid or am I in doubt, with you never, my sweet little cloud, and when I fly up there only for you, my wings ought to split, but even then I won't stop loving you a bit.
Last Monday's memory, I wish it lasted a little longer but, Hopefully soon we will be together again.
My Dream Girl
My Beautiful Dreamer
I Miss you
I Miss you So Much
My Sweet Stargazer
My Lonely Star
I miss that cute smile
I Miss your Loving Stare
My Sweetheart
The Pedestal I Put you On
Now Scratches The Sky
Beautiful Right?
You Outgrew me
How Does It Feel
To Be So Close to the Stars
  I Feel So High
Yet I Can No Longer Reach you
I Guess we’ve Burned Out
I’ve Sobered Up And you Only Rose Higher
I Don’t Want us to End
I Miss you, my Angel,
I Miss you, my Love,
Please Darling
Find Your Wings
It's Lonely Down Here
Please Bright Eyes
Just Come Down and Hold me
My Valentine, the Most Amazing Girl I know, you Complete Me, but Most important of all  You make me want to be a better person. Best Valentine's Wishes to you S
Forty thousands, love has bound us, tied us up yet not confound us.
Are your lips an image fake, or has my mind just come awake.
What has happened darling mine, I thought I had you all this time.
Was I wrong or was I right, to love you this much, to put up fight.
I was wrong and so's my brain, for thinking we are one the same.
Follow me for I am done, no more love is there to come.
So maybe wrong or just insane, I summarise my life in vane and so I beg you girl, all I've ever caused was pain.
The palm of your hand gently kisses my face
The soft creases of your lips put my life back into place
Your loving heart so deep in my own
Dearest of friends yet so long alone
You always meant the world to me
So why now and not then do I see
All of these words
These feelings for You and if only a little sooner I knew
That all along the one who I loved was none other than You.
This piece is dedicated to a girl who pulls me out of a dark place every time, my very own Orpheus. I know I'll never be able to repay her, but I hope I can at least let her know how much I appreciate her.
We met for the first time one summer evening, school was over and I went up to your house, not knowing or expecting to see you, but there you were, a lively sprout just being yourself, enjoying life like never before. ( Those days were simpler, happier) Although we weren't friend's, we became just that, playing childhood games and being lively and carefree like never before.

Time is the worst enemy of all of us but the greatest ally of change, and change is what we have done like no others, now we are no longer carefree and and happy, change is a tricky miracle as for some it does all the good in the world and for others like us, just hurts and torments.

We spent a lot of time not knowing or seeing each other, we are different people, void of any connection with our past, and I don't delude myself, I know that our friendship was once close but no longer.

Not long ago we started seeing each other again, external forces pushing us together whilst pulling us apart, life is no longer simple or enjoyable for either of us, you glued to a loving tyrant whilst I distroyed and drowning in my own life scape.

What I feel and despite all and everything telling me not to, I truly love you, in every way that a person can love, and instead of describing why and what I love you about you, for which I would undoubtedly run out of space in the universe, I'm going to say this, I love you for who you are and who you'll become, I am pulled towards you like a fallen angel is pulled towards sin.

I would tell you, I would love to sit you down during a star filled night and give you every reason for why to me you're the meaning of life, but if  I did I would only hurt you, my feelings for you are not wrong as no feelings are, but I worry about your life, your change constitutes both my ascention and my downfall. You're my everything and I want you to know that you can always rely on me, as I won't ever stop loving you.

With Love 
My dearest
A love letter to this one girl who makes me a better person with everyday that I spend with her.
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