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  Dec 2017 Ronald Koh
Serenus Raymone
Mother Nature

(Poem by Serenus)

Mother, Oh Mother

You’re such a woman scorn

Your children mistreated you

And now we’re caught in your storm

Your womb, birthed the earth

And from the earth, we were born

We use to be so close

But now we’re just a family torn

Smoke stole your sweet scent

We scorched your beautiful hair

Your skin sealed in cement

Suffering from thirst, but we didn’t care

We force fed you poison

We put a price on your head

Taking your gifts for granted

And we left you for dead

But Mother, Oh Mother

You have come back

With a vengeance!

Your temper is heated

With no signs of forgiveness

Your touch use to be gentle

Tough-love, but modest

But your backlash has been brutal

The judgment of a goddess

Hurricanes, acid rains,

Monsoons, tsunamis

Droughts, water spouts

And quakes that sneak up calmly

Blizzards, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires

And we never cried for you Mommy

Now our situation is absolutely dire

We are begging for a day that’s balmy

To protect yourself from your people

You are fighting back

And all we can do is stop our evil

Reflect-and stand back

But Mother, Oh mother

Can we be saved?

Or have you sealed our fate

For the way we behaved?

…Before she can be her children’s savor

Rescue us, from our own bad behavior

She must save herself "first

So don’t blame her

She’s a mother

Protective power

Is in her nature

She said she’ll get back to us later

…First she has to communicate

With “The Father”…Her creator
  Jan 2016 Ronald Koh
Christina Cox
I want to scream and yell
at you, Reader

"Why do you see the longer ones
and skip over them?"

These are the words I wrote
with my heart and soul
for you to read.

"Why do so many get a reading
when they are shorter than them above?"

These are words I quickly found
that do have meaning
but only in those seconds.

I wish you would become a reader
of longer, lingering thoughts.
Then you'll see into my soul
in different ways than I understand.

But truth be told,
I should yell at myself
for doing the same to you.
  Jan 2016 Ronald Koh
Maple Mathers

Promise after promise
Fell into my head
I carried them with me,
I took them to bed

So hopeful, I waited;
To hold your forever
Intentions negated
This jaded endeavor

Yet, lies soon took shape
And doubt would take hold
Your dormant coercion
Cementing the mold.

You never came through
You never came back
The woodchips, they faded
The bracelets, I lacked

Trapped under my instincts
My innocence, vanished
The moon was relinquished
My purity, famished

Young as I was
I’ll never forget
The impact you left me;
Your stark epithet. . .

You took something good,
You found something pure
My will cut in half
Rose white, and demure.

The root of my psyche
You’ve yet to discern,
Who plundered my childhood;
My chastity, burned.

Existence forgotten;
Defined from within
I’ll never evade you
You’re etched in my skin.

Scar after scar
Fell into my arm
Your ink swam my bloodstream
Your slander, your charm

I swindled the rabbit
And powdered my nose
Freefalling in choices
Defining your prose.

With tasty white pills,
A hand in my throat
A liver that’s grilled;
The bible I quote.

With no one on earth
To save me from me
I sampled the bottle
From under our tree.

I cannot begin
Nor pretend to describe
What happened to Maple,
Who am I inside?

The loneliest girl
In the entire world
The events I’d mistaken
The chastity; hurled

All that I know
And all that I think;
Is this monster within me
Was born in a blink

But who’d tune in now?
The opinions are set.
My mind is jay walking
The lines of regret.

The holes in my person
The doubt I can’t sever;
My husk of normalcy
Braving the weather. . .

For what you don’t know
Is what you can’t nurse
Assumptions you draw
Are making me worse.

Conclusions concocted
Your story, enhanced
My path interrupted
Dismissed by a glance.

So I’ll say goodbye;
There’s no seeds to sew
For this is my truth. . .
Confession bestowed.

Still treading his words
That flood to the brink;
Harassed, used, and left
In less than a BLINK.
To Moses,                                                           
When I was fourteen you told me
You’d never leave me.                      
Yet, it’s been twenty years;                 
My pockets are still filled    
With woodchips.                            

All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016.
  Jan 2016 Ronald Koh
You misunderstood me
While I tried to understand you
I understood the games you played on me
But you misunderstood when the game was played on you
See I tried to understand that with love comes pain
But you misunderstood my love and thought it was all a game
You couldn't understand me the way I understood you
You ain't understand the love I gave was genuinely true
So instead you left cause you were so misunderstood and too lazy to try
To understand my love for you so you drowned yourself in your lies
Saying I hated you and I never loved you
Tried to convince yourself I didn't care
You became so misunderstood of me and tried to believe I was the person you made up in your head
All along you yearned for understanding and understanding is what I gave
You convinced me that our love was understood so it didn't need to be explained
In this misunderstood state of mind with these misunderstood thoughts
I wonder if you understood my love for you
Or were you just so misunderstood that you never even gave love a thought...
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