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Jan 2016
You misunderstood me
While I tried to understand you
I understood the games you played on me
But you misunderstood when the game was played on you
See I tried to understand that with love comes pain
But you misunderstood my love and thought it was all a game
You couldn't understand me the way I understood you
You ain't understand the love I gave was genuinely true
So instead you left cause you were so misunderstood and too lazy to try
To understand my love for you so you drowned yourself in your lies
Saying I hated you and I never loved you
Tried to convince yourself I didn't care
You became so misunderstood of me and tried to believe I was the person you made up in your head
All along you yearned for understanding and understanding is what I gave
You convinced me that our love was understood so it didn't need to be explained
In this misunderstood state of mind with these misunderstood thoughts
I wonder if you understood my love for you
Or were you just so misunderstood that you never even gave love a thought...
Written by
       V, Myaja Black, Inevitable, Ronald Koh, KB47 and 2 others
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