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She Writes
27/F/Lincoln, NE    My first collection is available now in both paperback and ebook format! “She Writes” by Niya Grey. I will drop the link below. I appreciate ...
24/F/New Mexico   
Psychotic Harmony
Lost in thought    Approaching life with an open mind, some paper, a pen, and a healthy dose of sarcasm
Bo Tansky
122/F/Florida    I'm an artist, a poet, a mother, a wife, a friend, a visionary, an intuitive empath and an INFP. I am none of these things. ...
"The poet is a liar, who always speaks the truth"
Tyler Atherton
16/Transgender Male/Australia    Hi im just a nobody.. keep scrolling through...
i write whatever my emotions tell me to before it escapes my head
My attempts of being a poet
16/F/En la mierda    No tengo ni la menor idea de lo que estoy haciendo, y seguramente tu tampoco "Bueno, yo espero que si tu estás por ahí y ...
19/F    IG: Loneblues
14/FTM/PA    I'm a pansexual FTM, in a polyamorous relationship with my beautiful girlfriend and golden boyfriend, I've been hurt, and broken, I'm mentally too old for ...
F/Oregon    you are lovely
16/F/Florida    Just another broken soul, another being, a helpless teenager with a dark confusing mind that consumes me day by day, night by night, an endless ...
Jasmine dryer
14/F/The mindscape    help me embrace the pain of love and death and porcelain dolls. I'm 14 years old . Im a poet and young novel writer. I'm ...
13/F/United States    I am a young, aspirational artist. Someday I hope to touch many peoples hearts with my string of words pouring from my heart. Please comment ...
15/F/Hell    I have a love for poems and music. They keep me going when I feel lost.
17/F/Somewhere at Sea   
Darrell Landstrom
19/M/FL    If this is your first time on my profile, please read "Dear Old Satyr" (March 8th) or "Damn Your Ill Winds" (April 7th) to have ...
20/F/PA    I write to remember, but most importantly to forget.
Busbar Dancer
Not a choice
AAron Roz
15/F/Narnia    ...trip vibe...

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