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 Aug 2021 Nebula
Zoe Mae
 Aug 2021 Nebula
Zoe Mae
Why must I always think in verse?
Is it a talent?
More like a curse
All day long songs pour through my head
But before they hit paper, they're usually dead
A few survive, most get archived and others quickly deleteted
It doesn't take more than a couple of lines to know you've been defeated
 Aug 2021 Nebula
To stay out of trouble
is to live in your bubble
'Don't mingle'- not subtle
when you end in the rubble.
Became a social butterfly
only to hear the distant battle-cry
as arrows struck you from up high
& you began think, 'I'd rather die'
than carry the weight- 'misunderstood'
from societal challenges- understood-
risk your peace - do you think you would?
to become a figure - appearing 'good'.
 Apr 2021 Nebula
Jennifer DeLong
Tear at my flesh

you still can never

reach my soul

Daring and Willfull

trying to get in

despite the pain

Knuckles bruised

not once giving up

wanting to reach there

For you see

you can't hurt me

I'm blessed in this flesh

built this fence
around me

Sadly you will lose
as , I stand here
looking into your hell
Seeing what once was a human
now all , I see is

the sad sad
weaker of you

I live in spite of you

and you will never

reach what's


my soul is human

© Jennifer L Delong 🦏1/22/2018
 Apr 2021 Nebula
Seems like we have reached our destination
A land of unknowing and questions
But no one else knows
And no one else has the answer.
Yeah well you know by now that I rarely make sense so don't question it. I formally apologise for the comment thread started by six. Please do not read if you are sensitive to homosexual content although if you are I 'm going to track you down and ****** you in your sleep. I'm so sorry I'm basically crazy please forgive me. And ignore me. Feel free to never read anything i write ever again.
 Apr 2021 Nebula
The blank page before me
I uncap my marker
Sit and stare
Until the ink dries out
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