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  Jan 2020 Michael Marro
Pilar Orozco
I’m dumbfounded by your enigmatic, dual state
  Jan 2020 Michael Marro
Unpolished Ink
Your average girl

Is mostly Grrr

With a bit of whirl!
Michael Marro Jan 2020
Each instance of abscence is an empty
     eternity. Sometimes I feel I only exist to
     remember why I love her.
My thoughts wander widely as each well-
     worn way I travel leads me past echoes of
     her. They deafen me.
Gilded memories with polished patinas from
     the fabric of my life. Their luster still
     illuminates the hope I hold.
Inspired by ZZ's "Far Away" on HelloPoetry (in "A Place for Sharing" collection)
Michael Marro Jan 2020
To calm the storm just close your eyes
Drink deep the sorrow 'til you realize
Its bitter taste has a way
To keep darker demons at bay
Savor its sharpness, mote by mote
'Til it clears the palate for new hope
Michael Marro Jan 2020
If the thrill of the hunt sets you a'flame
I long to be the man to play your game
But I'm not a beast to be satisfied with a bone
No "here's a scrap" now go on alone

For me, it's your divine feminine I pursue
The gods felt like showing off when they crafted you
Your sense, so dark, so deep, is what I'll follow
Don't short-shrift my time and make my efforts hollow

I'm in need of a feast - your body, your mind
My cravings won't end with wrinkled sheets and a bottle of wine.
Your flesh on my tongue is what I will savor
I'll eat you alive, if you'll return the favor.

I want to devour you whole
Your spirit, your soul
And once I've stripped you down to your core,
Only then, my dear, will we start the chase once more.
It's getting there. Maybe one or two more edits.
Working off a thought from "Shop" from IG @shestarteditpoetry . This doesn't do it justice, but it's a start.
  Jan 2020 Michael Marro
maybe this was supposed to happen
maybe you were supposed to let me go
and I don't blame you--
my darkest deepest parts leaked out
into your broken hands and like
wine they stained--
some days I still feel like needing you
some days I feel at home--
written in the stars our heartbreaks
led us to each other
then led us both away--
I've erased your eyes and voice and tongue
(although I still remember your birth chart)
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