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Pilar Orozco Oct 2020
Maybe in a few years the fog will clear and I’ll be able to understand what we were doing now
Pilar Orozco Oct 2020
To read the words I’ve wondered about was beyond anything
Yes you physically is beyond amazing
But, for you to tell me that you’re thinking about me
To occupy any space in your mind is extraordinary
Pilar Orozco Sep 2020
I know I have so much to give
And absolutely no one to give it to
Nobody wants a thing from me, that’s what makes it hurt so much
Pilar Orozco Sep 2020
I pick myself apart from the inside out
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
I want to say so much to you
Act on my emotions
I always lose my nerve
What if you reject me?
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
I just want to be what you need
Who you want
In every way
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
I’ll never mean anything to anyone as much as he means to me
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