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Micah G Feb 2020
They call me a two faced freak
But I know I’m not fake in the least
Sure sometimes I am beastly
And other times priestly
That’s just the complexity of me
That’s a truth that took me too long to see
That there is nothing wrong
Well not worth this long problematic
Space in time I’ve wasted feeling
For myself and everybody else
Embrace the cycle
Maybe Micah is just a complex person
Micah G Feb 2020
Burning, beating
Fighting, fleeing
War is a desperate thing

Hacking, slashing
Bashing, bleeding
Glory to the victor, indeed!
  Feb 2020 Micah G
Is there any buddy out there?

Am I the only one?

Could this be the end?

Is this site said and done?

Shall I post 1 million words and read them to myself

Shall I write 1 million poems and place them on a shelf

Within the womb
With in the mother
Have I yet to discover
Light beyond the darkness
Forcing me to breathe
Is there anybody out there
Or am I all alone
Life is but a dream
We cannot control
  Feb 2020 Micah G
Mrs Timetable
Perfume, garlic, wet dog
That makes a lot of scents

Paying your lunch tab with coins
That makes a lot of cents.

I texted you all day today
That really doesn’t make sents.
Playing with words. Sents isn’t a word I know that’s why it makes no sense
  Feb 2020 Micah G
Sometimes Starr
I gotta delete these ******' poems, man.
  Feb 2020 Micah G
Maybe i don’t cry
but it hurt
Maybe i don’t say
but i feel
Maybe ..
I don’t stay
but i really care
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