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Tai Roberts Sep 2019
Life is just a series of colours,
Dripping off the ends of rainbows,
Into pools of darkened water.
Tai Roberts Sep 2019
The night sky,
Is simply just,
A graveyard of stars.

Corpses of light,
That live on eternally,
Even after their death.

A universe away,
They call out,
Into a hopeless infinity.

Because there is no one left,
To hear their,
Silent and desolate screams.
Tai Roberts Sep 2019
Some of us live by the stars,
Obsessed with an unknown infinity.
For whatever judgement is set on Earth,
Is dispelled into the night.
Tai Roberts Sep 2019
We are like stars,
Distant and dying.
The wind, how it howls,
Dancing and crying.

For we now exist,
And scream in the rain,
Only to find,
We have faded again.

Years have now passed,
Timeless and more.
Our stories have passed,
Into fictional lore.

And at last we can cease,
Our light falls away.
And although our souls leave,
Our stardust will stay.
Space things
Tai Roberts Aug 2019
They say that we are made of stardust,
Sixteen billion years of history and beauty.
Our atoms have arrived here from the far reaches of a distant universe,
Of a place that I will never know.
When I die, maybe I'm not saying a last farewell.
Maybe I'm going home
A 50 word poetry challenge
Tai Roberts Aug 2019
All it takes is a word,
To end the existence of a person.

Something that comes so naturally,
Has the power to destroy so much.

I wonder how something so beautiful,
Can be the cause of so much destruction.

But only Sometimes.
Tai Roberts Jul 2019
Look into my eyes.
A storm that no one can see,
An internal battle of good and bad,
And everything in between.

They eat up all the lies,
Not wanting the gifts of truth,
Can you still call someone a friend,
After they slit your throat?

The lost weight doesn't bother them,
A metaphorical approach,
The measurement of time against future,
Of blood against bones.

You have stereotypes of need,
Of how people will behave,
The only battle that matters
Is the war being fought tonight.

The glass is always empty,
But sometimes nearly full,
The poison slips from the tongues of men,
Such deceit set into the child's mind.

Ashes fall from red fires,
Tears dry into the dust,
Finally this world will disappear,
Leaving me in despair.

The loosely thrown compliments,
Melt into the bones of the dead,
And I hope that they hate me enough,
To let my mind fly free.

I yearn to be of freedom,
Of a soul that's not yet broken,
But I fear that it is too late for that,
And that my fate will be destroyed.
Philosophical late night thoughts.
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