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Josh Jan 2019
I hate everyone,
They say loneliness
Is just the inability to
Connect with others
Around you but I know
For a fact I would still
Hate them all,
Fake, stupid people,
I hate people
Josh Nov 2018
I remember just,
Thinking about
You all day long,

Obsessing over you
And what I’d lost,
How I’d ruined it all

Imagining all the things
We could do together,
Had I not been stupid,

Had I’d not over looked
What was right in front
Of me, waiting for me,

We could have been together,
Could’ve been happy forever,
Not anymore though,

Sat next to each other,
Talking all day, but not
Touching at all, I stilll

Smiled, I was happy,
We were under the
Same sky at least,

But then you said you
Had to get something
To get of your chest,

You admitted you still
Wanted what we wanted,

I felt the same but didn’t
Know how to say it, so I
Pulled you in, and placed
My lips upon yours,

You understood perfectly,
Kissed me back,

I remember standing
There, thinking about you,
For the rest of the day,
About what I’d gained,

Obsessing over what
I now had, in my
Possession finally,
Perfection at last...
Josh Oct 2018

What a sensation,
I think, You overthink,
You feel, I get sensitive,
I laugh, you giggle,

It wasn't always like that,
But I like to think it was,

What is love?
I never knew,
But now I do.

It’s a type a pain,
The kind to drive one insane,
Whatever happens it’s there,
Always near, always clinging
On, it stays close.

From the moment,
I saw you, in my way,
You took my heart,
And you lead it astray,

And then I came to find,
That with my heart,
You controlled my mind.

I guess I’m still the one
To blame,
I allowed you, to drive
Me insane.
Josh Oct 2018
Look at the stars,
They shine so bright,

Look up at night,
Glowing moon light,

Look at the sky,
Darkness with might,

Look into my eyes,
Looking back at yours,

Feel the wild wind,
Breezing past your skin,

Feel our hands holding,
Talk to me, let me in...
Josh Oct 2018
I smile, with the biggest
Frown on the inside, but
I smile,

Even when the world is
Getting me down, and,
My feelings overwhelm,
I smile,

Even when I want to cry,
And I’m asked how I am,
But I just stand and lie,
I smile,

Even when I am broken
Inside, all I can do is hide
And fake happiness so,
I smile,

Hiding my pain, nobody,
Sees me drowning in this
Hateful world, so vast,
I smile,

For there’s peace, at last.
Josh Oct 2018
Today was hard,

Like every day,
But worse,

And it pushed me,
To the edge,

I couldn’t handle it,
So now,

I’m laying here,
Feeling this pain,

It will go away,

All because,
I gave up today,

Because life is a game,
And I wouldn’t play.
Josh Oct 2018
What is my value?
To anyone and everyone,
How much would
Someone give, for me?

To have to me alive,
To have me in their
Position, or to just
Know me,

Know how I feel,
What I feel,
Know how I think,
What I think,

How much would
They give,
For my happiness,

How much would
They give,
For my satisfaction,

How much would
They give?

What would they give,
For me?

How much would,
You, give for me?

How much am I worth...
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