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heartbeat wings
shall know
hummingbird sings
be still
be still
Oh Vincent
whatever did you do
ripening fields of summer corn
and sunflowers of a brilliant hue
a shade no other eyes could see
except for God and you
Trying ekphrastic poetry
Born and die we are,
No one is superior or inferior.
Equal in the end.
Heart touching musical score.
Entranced audience in tears.
God crying in their souls.
there’s nothing a β€œsorry” can change
if it’s just a mere word
kept explaining why we’re struggling already,
and still saying sorry but doing the same thing
why bother giving us birth then?
to just support you guys?
this is your responsibility in the first place.
i’m so tired.
A crowd of gold
diggers. It was a risque. The lineage
leaks. Blue blood remains unhinged.

I refuse to learn.
Illusion hangs off me. Who said live
dangerously? You are walking on rose petals.

Where will my pain go?
Each word becomes an alpin to draw
the blood to write a poem.
Enduring smile blossoms,
Pain's grip loosens, disappears,
Joy fills every breath.
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