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there’s nothing a β€œsorry” can change
if it’s just a mere word
kept explaining why we’re struggling already,
and still saying sorry but doing the same thing
why bother giving us birth then?
to just support you guys?
this is your responsibility in the first place.
i’m so tired.
A crowd of gold
diggers. It was a risque. The lineage
leaks. Blue blood remains unhinged.

I refuse to learn.
Illusion hangs off me. Who said live
dangerously? You are walking on rose petals.

Where will my pain go?
Each word becomes an alpin to draw
the blood to write a poem.
Enduring smile blossoms,
Pain's grip loosens, disappears,
Joy fills every breath.
Walk with me a while
give me one last kiss on parting
good friends and lovers
secretly and silently entwined
yet I am ever thought as old
and you a young and pretty thing
winter sighs a final breath
and bends to kiss the hand of spring
The thirst of newness
makes you move away from the crowd of
grievers. I ask the moon, why does he cry?

What was the ritual, when
you seek redemption from
the bonfires of forgotten love?

In fact, sorrow was
a beautiful heritage of truth processors.
You make a temple, and god breaks it.
We count the same stars

We whisper to the same moon
Β Β Β Β each night.

That is enough,
just knowing we’re in the same universe.

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