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  Aug 2019 Latherio Devonte Kidd
Do you know the world spins
Through grimaces and grins
Yet it still spins
So like the world I adjure you to
Keep spinning
Keep grinning
Don't let anyone take your twirl
Be it man boy woman or girl
The thing is the world needs your twirl
They need it like air
Don't be small don't you dare
I think regret is a flame  that continues to burn you.
The same old sting yet the capacities  differ
It is our knowledge of the what if's that plagues us
The if i could have one more moment i would do it different
It yells in our ear like a forgotten  premonition
The embrace of disappointment  yet self inflicted
I just didn't love the right  way
and No I can never forget it
I love to see you happy
but wish it was because of my actions
It will never happen
I Cannot Go backwards the doors are one way
I hope the regret doesn't suffocate me each day
I hope you know that things be as it may
I hope to see you overly happy
and me in dismay
The gateway to a different dimension
Dreams are an instant  life
Wiped from existence
Whatever linger is in bits and pieces

However dreams of  you
Are a forever memory
The day the world lost you
The dreams I no longer see of hear them

My dreams and hopes have become superstition
So now instead chasing them
I tend to fear them because once they are accomplished
the world may end it
I am Full of Flame
as it  burn ever bright
do i put the flame out or
do I let it consume me
As its glass case melts away
do I let it burn
the beautiful of the flame
the way its identity  flows
or  shall I let this flame continue to burn
it is a part of every identity
or should I suffocate it
or let it cinder the rest of me.
I burned bright for you but you never fed my flames
caught up in the beauty you let it die now
all that is left the ashes for the a new flame to burn out
I believe that every conscious being travels this road
Where nothing is completely given or reached
Where everything completely stop but never goes
This road diverged into either the left path or right
plagued with the  decision of making a choice
The pressure of that inner voice
Speaking to you
of the consequences of each action
the good never out weigh  the bad
The consequences never worth the results
The action of always sacrificing something in terms of ganging
It is the  road that you cannot venture away
No matter where you turn
you always end up returning
this road is one who tampers with your mental capacity
Your morality
Your happiness
Your individuality
It happened too those before
and will to those after me
what a progressional tragedy
Give me that undeniable ,
even at times you don’t know why that it’s justifiable,
whenever we need each other no question reliable,
near or far it’s just a flight or two,
if it comes down to it I’d die with you ,
in my heart and in mind there is no denying you,
When I’m with you soul connecting is forever lasting not just one night with you,
In this dream of you , I pray I
This is only facts no mistake in you
You were made in his image
He yomust have been for patient with you
Perfectly imperfect
There was and is never a mistake in u
Such a beautifully designed being
Stars themselves shine at your meaning
May this beautiful day be whatever you believe it
Holding on to past Recollection  of happiness

Itching to gain back the people that we were

at Some point, no save  point , we lost where we were

We had dreams and made schemes for our future endeavors together

Like erosion our foundation became weathered

With time, Will we rebuild each other or will this ship perish and sink beneath the vision  of unforgotten finish line.
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