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I Know you've hurt many times.
Please Don't turning back to the same people who make you feel worthless.

I Know you've cried, disappointed and afraid.
Focus on the goal.
Try and try to find a way to keep going.

Don't compare your actual self to a pathetic self.
Remove "what if's" in your mind.
Don't abuse your mind by thinking other characters of you.
You are you, make a better version of you.

Accept your own fate
Accept your own reality
Accept your own failure
Accepting where you are in present make it easier to avoid sadness.

It's time to learn to let go
Be human enough to be, well enough.
Be matured enough to accept the truth.
It's finally time to focus where you are now.
Only yourself can help you to make your life more better.
Mark kenny Jan 1
Don't hate what you have been telling yourself because you woke up
Another journey is set in your course is time to face up.

The days pass by without ceasing even the night won't bulge to your pace
But the only hope of a better tomorrow is if you double your pace.

You don't want to be left behind when the whistle blows
Don't clinge to a past memory because you don't want to grow.

It's a new day to change your perception don't limit your thinking
Because if you are actually crossing over you need to change your thinking.
Another 365days of whatever you make of it in your own small dictionary of Life. All I want is for you to change your thinking to a positive one

— The End —