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Jun 2018 · 287
Joseph Xavier Jun 2018
Lately I have conversations with the devil in pants
She was beauty , *** on a stand
She had gold in her hands
Blood in her eyes
She would make me a tempting offer
You can have all that is mine
I turned down her offer
Walked away a quarter to nine.

Lately I have conversations with the devil in pants.
She invited me for dinner
I did suit up on time
A little over dressed, roses in my hands.
I sat at a corner , took up a carving knife
Of course I couldn't trust her
A grin on her face when she poured me a glass.

Now me and the devil had a dance
Each time I try to leave my body held me back.
Tic tock the clock would tick.
I was supposed to leave.
Looked up, clock would read a quarter past nine.
Now I look at the mirror
I see gold in my hands
Blood in my eyes.
I am the devil in pants......kazer 2018
Tm-Narcissus...Tm-beast... Tm-god.
We are that which we criticise , look inwards and see that in the same situation you may have done worse.... the devil in pants. Sometimes we are the DEVIL in our very pants.
May 2018 · 427
Joseph Xavier May 2018
Looking across my window
I caught a glimpse of summer in the winter,
With you , gold is all that glitters
Pressing my face against the walls of my chamber,
I could smell your cologne even from a dozen meters
As I make for the silhouette fading like  river.

Holding your waist, looking at ur face
Your hair forms a waterfall down your shoulders,
Your lips laced with the nectar of the morning glory,
Feeling the  firm tenderness of your breast,
You face lights up , its the first of December,
Your body heals , you are an amber
Again I rise , a phoenix from the dying embers,
Slowly letting myself fall into your aquifer
Making the nights a now and forever
As we reap the fruits of our passion.
Tm-Narcissus.... Tm-beast.... Tm-god.
I am kamiikazer.... face of the living God. Narcissus amongst men, I am a god. I offer you a drink from my fount of immortality and serve you justice through poetry..."poetic justice"
May 2018 · 137
Joseph Xavier May 2018
Down the hills and the mountain top
I marched forth my armies.
If am a King, its victory or nothing
Things ain't looking up but i take my chances.
Making up for the lost years when the sun rises.
Again you draw out my defenses,
Slayed my Cavaliers.
Burned down my walls
Laid waste my archers.
Yet u didn't raise your banners.

Its truth what they say spoken words are never enough.
When I set my gaze on you its like an afterlife.
Something never experienced yet its captivating.
First time i caught a glimpse of you
I knew you was my jarvis.
Standing under the yellow sun
You made everything just go away.

Unbelievable, how am out here still wondering and still awake.
Finding company and solace in this jars of ale.
Which directions do i turn the rudder
when we ready to sail.
Where do I face the sails the waves hit me heavy.
We just sailing a rocking boat not sure would hold steady.
Yes you made me captain, i take the wheels whenever you are ready.

I just want to know that when I slip
You break my fall.
When am drowning from falling to deep
You pull me up.
And bring me home
If I ever wander away.
Most times am like the dead sea on which our relation-SHIP is afloat
Peachy and lifeless.
I doubt my ability to exhibit those qualities when you around me.
I have undoubtedly given you the keys to the only thing I have ever owned.

I really don't know if I said enough
Or a bit to much.
Maybe just a bottled bomb couldn't hold up no more.
And for our sake, hoping you understand.
Am not writing you this either like we in the Renaissance.
Plus am not really a fighter so its aint the medieval.

Am just writing to let you know that you got me down.
Or if my pride agrees am a bit in love with you.
Which ever it is its not far to to see.
That you are all I ever wanted and ever need .
So let's make a treaty, I be your King
And you my Queen.
On God !! baby girl I tell you , see now am just a man.....kazer2018
Tm-Narcissus.... Tm-beast....Tm-god.

— The End —