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Josiah Archuleta Sep 2018
I've been hiding being these empty smiles
Imprisoned in my own mind
This anguish
Stop me before I bleed
The echoes of her voice
The memories I cast
Follow me down
There must be serenity
While still descending
To the demons of my own design
Josiah Archuleta Sep 2018
I can see were making distance
A starting of this dissolution
Seek me, for comfort
Call me, for solace
Seek me, for this reconstruction
Remember I'll be waiting
To put an end to my breaking heart
Josiah Archuleta Sep 2018
I don't think I can't explain this love
Its just complicated
Everything you say
Everything you do
No-one can make me feel like you do
This love cant be bad
Because it feels good
I can't explain it though
I love the pain

"I want you forever, even when were not together"- Camila Cabello Bad Things
Sorry about how my poetry goes up and down, to depressed and all "lovey-dovey." Stuff is just going on and like it just pops in my head to write about it.
Josiah Archuleta Sep 2018
This feeling is hurting me
My relationship with her
My relationship with myself
When the line goes strait
When I need to take some time and wait
My heart will pound
Every time she comes around
I can't think straight
So here I wait
Going back into my darkness state
Josiah Archuleta Sep 2018
I know he doesn't love you like I can
I promise I'll be there everyday
I'm going to love you until I die
Forget about your ex
He don't know what love is
He keeps you up, crying all night
Your just so sweet, so **** and just so fine
You can start over
You can be mine
Theres no need to stress you
Take time from my job to love you
I'll always be there to wipe them tears from your eyes
I can be your superman
Josiah Archuleta Aug 2018
You don't know how bad I'm suffering
I have to tell you this
Your goodbye was so hard
I was looking for you
Crying out in the streets
This is killing me quickly
It's just that without you
I can't be happy
Living without you, I can't do it anymore
So I came to tell you how I feel
I'm suffering from the loneliness
Your parents didn't even approve
All that I've done for you
All that matters to me is in your heart
I promised you that our love is forever
And now another man gives you warmth when you're cold at night
I know he seems better to you
But I'm in your heart, and I know
So I'm asking for forgiveness
Josiah Archuleta Aug 2018
I can't show my pain
I don't want to lose everything
I just want to feel again
My heart would burst for you
Only if that would make things right
I don't feel anything
This huge pain you bring
Starting over doesn't look so bad this time
Emotions still touch me
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