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 Aug 20 JasFow
 Aug 20 JasFow
Sometimes it seems like my heart is rotten,
it can't feel anything but the pain,
and I can't touch it, 'cause wounds are open...
I am my calm and my hurricane.

Sometimes I think I've concurred the monster.
But then, again, the image starts clouding.
They say the human body is 60% water...
Well, that explains why it feels like I'm drowning.
I deeply apologize for the amount of I-s and my-s put into this poem.
 Aug 11 JasFow
Everyone has things he'd like to hide.
Take my hand, I'll show you the darkest side.
Some people say I'm out of my mind,
but it's hard to breathe when you're dead inside...

People go crazy, but I take things slow:
one minute I'm broken, the next one I soar.
I really like humans when their blood is warm.
And don't call me heartless if I don't know what's love...
 Aug 11 JasFow
I like the poison that I drink.
I'm guilty of a million lines.
It ain't my fault my blood is ink
and I was cut too many times...
“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
-  Ernest Hemingway
 Sep 2019 JasFow
I woke up happy today,
The clouds weren’t blue
The sun wasn’t out.
There was no sight of you.
But that’s not the point.
I woke up happy today.
 Sep 2019 JasFow
Why me
 Sep 2019 JasFow
‘Why me ‘ he says

‘Why you’ I say
‘I wish I knew ‘

The feeling is overwhelming
The frustration is consuming
The desire is deliciously warming
This emotion is heartfelt and so very real .
‘So ‘ I say
That’s why
 Sep 2019 JasFow
You and I
have a story
behind closed doors,
sneaking at night,
stealing kisses,
secretly holding hands.

But you and I
both know
this story
shall never be told
not even to a single soul.
 Aug 2019 JasFow
Hadrian Veska
There are dreams below me
Great nightmares above
I am tethered to both
A kind of stasis in between
If I’m killed I go to the dream
If I die I go to the nightmare
I fear to fall twice
In either direction
For I know not what layer
Might lie beyond
What I have thus far discovered
I know not which is better
The limbo in which I reside
Or the dreams and nightmares
To which my mind travels
Perhaps in endless time
I will tire of this stasis
And die twice that I may explore
The vast unknown frontiers
To free myself
From this primordial curse
 Aug 2019 JasFow
Alex Teng
 Aug 2019 JasFow
Alex Teng
You don't hurt people with a 'No'
You hurt them with a 'Maybe'
When you know the answer
Is 'No'
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