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LJ Jun 2016
Lazer strike me in euphoria
You love me from the first
As my pressure dropped
Unfit recollection pump
It's as if I lost my place
The very earth I stand on
Out of touch and out of line

Alien make me crazy
As you do when I slumber
As I lie, you ****** my own
My breath fades and I co-exist
On the remote control I respond
Through these veins I shall live
Out of touch and out of line

In the shell of hell and fire
Whom can believe this my alien?
You tainted me from proper love
The thoughts that trap and own me
more than these words on a script
Objected to your subjective film
Out of touch and out of line

Blurred unpleasant satins encase
My feet fail to ground on this life
Your volcano erupts me in trips
Grant me time to think twice
As I remember when you forced
that very filth indifferent to mine
Out of touch and out of line
LJ Jun 2016
Ohh,on the moonlight fair
a ditty doth whispers
thou straws embellish
wooed with a plenty pomps

Not a wight to claim thou
Sleight to quench mine thirst
abhored to thine crown and core
whence a haggard smile jail

My gracious, none can love thee
disposed to flighty cadents
jealous lame merchants
that consumeth and benn

Thine heart heavy, hardn'd
mine virginity grabbed
Possess'd by lade vultures
Packthread for none hath mine love
LJ Jun 2016
No phone call
No message
No good night
No good day
No surprise
No time trial
No sum ails
No bearings
No veering
No phone call
No message
No good day
LJ Jun 2016
You gave me more than I could ask
nurtured my physical form
an ultimate satisfaction
then fixated your all to my statue

It hurt when I walked away from you
My soul was dying and decaying
setting sadness for the man you became
a homebody with no life and adventure

You gave me your time and energy
when all I wanted is to see you fly
spread your wing and soar in skies above
I smile inside for who you have become

Unfixed but with a zest and passion
Take the skates and roll on the world
Flyboard on the open seas and oceans
sky dive and let the air fill your being

My pain of your suffering has vanished
It's furnished by the life you embrace
the fearless true gentleman in you  
Life is for the free baby, live in the openness
LJ Jun 2016
True romance is dead
it is buried in the dense rocks
eroded from the cliffs to the valleys
it's silenced in the pitch of a symphony

It's a poet dream
to write sweet sentiments
kiss in the nothingness
sketch love as if a masterpiece

Now a Tinder
where you can plunder
curves and bossoms
with no responsibility

Then Ok Cupid
where conversations
tender and ponder
before unleashing the game

There is always POF
where fishes dare in a swim
kissing and pinching
punching and finishing

True love is an illusionary debt
a cheque in deficit
An emotional injustice
the unrighteous pursuit

It's a poet's dreams to love
count the stars and watch the moon
nurture emotions and connections
The probability is the world won't let us

It won't let us be
Ladies just undress and expose the jubblies
Men just undress and measure your *****
the world won't let us be
A poets dating site can just be phenomenal. A recipe of soul to soul transcendence!
LJ Jun 2016
A poet understands
that men are free
a sight beyond the sanity

A poet is able to vision
The hues of the swirling clouds
the blooming daffodils

A poet is able to feel true love
Touch the core of the soul
Give their love and all

To poet is able to stew the beauty
To fill words on the blank walls
and paint the world with truth

A poet's brush is not tarnished
It preaches under the stars in the night
Though they hear, they are deaf

The poets words are so exquisite
A belong in a world that is absent
Crashed and broken on merged seas
Poets are emotional, though they speak the truth they are crashed and broken in merging seas!
LJ Jun 2016
Is there a God?
In the coldness
Within the breeze

Does God live?
In the underground
the entwined rumours

On my rebirth
The ashes spread
On the unkempt grave

God wasn't there
To whisper and talk
Inside the iced casket

Illusionary transits
When all turned and ran
The wind doubted the rain

The mystic of cold air
Touched my soul
Pierced my memories

It's all within us
Unending strength
To exist and resist

It's in the rythym
The silenced naunces
Granted meanings

Let life be life
A catch of floaty breath
The blighted depth

The divine is within
Unconvinced and alive
Reasoned and in-tune

Our life is a leaf
Green and bare
Free to give and bear

There is a truth
Inside the flashy rainbow
The smiling whole moon
Reply to Torin's poem 'God'
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