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 Apr 2018 LJ
Sajini Israel
The moon calls my name
fate shivers in terror.
Is he now late
or is this a piece of horror?

Stormed by mind tapes
inscribed by good days.
Weights of shared affection and passion
are now buried in the sand of memories and imaginations.

The earth weeps,
as it is being whipped.
The world's greatest gift,
Is about to be enclosed in it.

Darkness embrace the earth,
Stings of viral sadness is felt.
Loved one's soaked in the river of tears,
My beloved Mom was drenched in the rain of fear.

As the earth opened it mouth,
Memories from good old days began to replay,
Of how we rushed home from school at the end of the day
to see your loving face.

Running back through time,
I recall how you answered many of our questions with just a stunning smile.
Turning back the wheels of the clock,
I am overwhelmed by the affection you showed your flocks.

Six feet down,
the heavens frown.
Hoping we meet again,
never to part again.

My tear filled soul can only say I MISS YOU.
Dedicated to the loving memories of my father Late Pastor Ejiro Sajini
 Sep 2016 LJ
Mike Adam
Young poets
 Sep 2016 LJ
Mike Adam
You carry words
In your belly-
Pregnant meaning

I read in awe
Raw emotion
Direct communication..

Avoid spilling
Into oblivion

Your beauty
Lights the world
Courage inspiration
 Aug 2016 LJ
Keith Edward Baucum
He was driving down ******* Boulevard
He had killers in the car
He drove with a blank stare as the killers put their clips in their pistols
His soul was the color red stained with blood from all the murders he had ordered and committed
The car came to a stop
He pointed at a white house.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Drugs, *******,
 Aug 2016 LJ
Thomas Bron Mukama
Little girl burned by desires
Go go in her head she loves a man
She is young and stupid
Naive, innocent and adventurous
Sneaking in the night she reaches the fone calls a lover that lay in bed elsewhere with a another woman
The deceit of her beauty drives her astray
To risk her future in blindness to fall for moments
How can i lert a proud heart majestic in high life to spend at all times the sweat of men as she never minded she was cementing her tomorrow.
I dont care she said...i can leave home...who cares i can abort.
But then who cares you can also die, she sees from near and focuses not afar.
Early in the morning the mother folds her back and hits the garden searching for surviving fighting for her daughter.
No she is flittered and gone her coaching books with her body I  pause and tear.....
Such a generation
She says to all dont tell me what to do i have my chances to live, like a cat she believes in nine lives.
Her smooking temper alerts well wisher of help
Her clothes torn to many so she moves naked in their eyes only clothed to the unknown
The universe you ought to have will now have you

Will they be bygones or will it regrets
 Aug 2016 LJ
 Aug 2016 LJ
Here it comes again
I fight against
Fate and faith
I'm heading for an end
And maybe I deserve this pain I feel
How many times
My naked blood
I'll reach oblivion
And no memory shall remain
 Jul 2016 LJ
 Jul 2016 LJ
According to the gospel
As the lord and savior traversed the holy land
Preaching the word and showing the light
Speaking with god and devil alike
Speaking love to mankind
It is said
He would find the sick
The suffering of infirmity
He would lay his hands to their skin
And heal them
He would heal them
According to the gospel

My days are long
And I have bruises that don't show on my flesh
Impracticalities that should cause mental maladies
That would help me find the self destruction I fear
And that I fear awaits me
I'm tired when I wake up
And dead through the day
But I feel alive
Every time I put my words to the page
I feel a sage
Whose wisdom is generational
I feel hope

I may be sick
I may be a lost and tortured soul unfit to exist
In this existence
I may feel pain
I may
And the only disease I know is the brutality of life

Poetry heals me
It is the hands in the desert
On the ***** in the cave
It is the words as rain to feed the seed
It is the sprout of a flower
And the bloom
It is my reason
And my religion

It is my gospel

And when the angels sing
If no one else can hear but I can
I'll know of peace
In a world of disarray
Once again. May the light shine so bright it blinds the undeserving
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