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Vernell Allen Aug 2019
A shelter for the insects to fester.
A refuge for rotting dreams.
A being with no identity.
A splint within reality
I want to harbor in.
A dying fire buried
under ash that can still burn.
I want to touch and know
what it means to feel.
I hope to reincarnate
the other piece of my soul
Before this body is dust.
Vernell Allen Aug 2019
Nothing more will be done.
Your final touch emptied
my lungs of I can’t live without you
and I took my first breath in this
world. I cried like most newborns
and pacified myself with poetry
I am thankful you let go
else I wouldn’t have learned
how to walk alone.
Vernell Allen Jul 2019
You were not the
Monarchs fluttering
in my womb. Just a
consequence of drinking
too much. They drowned
in the regrets I swallowed.

But some nights
I ***** the memories
wrapped in cocoons
and place them in old
shoe boxes.

And someday when I am sober
I will untape the wound,
release the butterflies,
and set myself free.
Vernell Allen Jul 2019
it’s difficult to watch his steps in the dark.
and even harder to catch him when he
falls and you look into his clouded
eyes as see an empty room
forged by walls built with
regret. oh, how you
wish you were
enough to
tear them
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Oh, how we know?
When others level comments to others that they don't know.
Simple hear say, where rumors are running a flow?

I heard.
Them say this about you.
Hear say.
Where they seek for you to confirm what many don't know?

Hear say.
Where you laugh at rumors that's truth to them that don't know?
Except lies just floats on and on with a flow.

Hear say.
There comes a time to let them go.
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