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watch out lover because I am in motion
running so fast to you that I'm floating
till my body hits you so hard we'll be broken
but **** its so fun when its me that you're holding
I'll crash and burn in your heart that I've stolen
fall asleep on your chest and hear it exploding
you're good like a drink that I wanna get soaked in
a rollercoaster ride I'm strapped to while sloping
we'll walk down the beach on the sand sink our toes in
till we sit by a fire while the mellows are roasting...
I killed a finche, I don't know why
But perhaps a finche was meant to die
Although his wings were grown to fly
Maybe wings don't touch the sky
After the sun sets
When we've shared all this laughter
When the light has long left
My dear I'm just cancer
But you'll hear me echo for days after
When the wreckage comes and we plagued with disaster
Maybe the laughter will linger a bit longer
I've been lower down on the hill since birth
And I'm jealous of those who are higher on the list
Who never felt or feared the thirst
Of those who didn't get to get to the top first
Dude I ******* hate you
I hate you so **** much
And I know that I probably
Shouldn't give a ****
But every single time I see your face
It takes me right back to that place
Where dude I hate you so **** much
You wear constellations on your chest
Hidden under your vest
Those stars on your *******
Everytime the sunsets...
Loneliness is a cancer
And I fear I'll die alone
In the ditch in my bed
With this space in my head
Where someone should be
But the only person is me
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