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I held the broken girl in my arms
Sharp parts cut deep into my heart

Blood dripped on the ground
Looked deep in my eyes
And she began to cry

I smiled at her
And wiped
Her rain away

The pain in my chest disappeared
Fixed her broken parts
With love from my heart

She bitted her lips
Stood on tiptoe
And pulled me down

She touched my lips
Under a cherrytree
And locked our hearts
With a unforgetable sweet kiss.
 Jan 2019 Regina Harrison
I used to be so sure
You would never ever leave
but so sure you love me

I thought this was forever
but now its very clear
that your love was only meant
to last but a couple years.

you were meant to be a dating thing
not meant for me to marry
I'm sorry for pursuing you
in such a hurried manner

I knew my love was real
from the moment that we met
I'm sorry I'm not enough for you
I tried but now I'm spent

I wanted to give you everything
but all you did was take
now I'm fighting back, you see
much before you wake

you awaken from this dream you're in
the ideal state of mind
to snap back to reality
the one I'm leaving behind.
this tree aches
it's bones rattle in the wind
it's longing arms reaching to the sky
why can't this tree be the bird that sits upon it's branches?
so free
it flies away
instead it's rooted to the ground
stuck in one place
perhaps part of this tree will reach new places
but it never stays for too long
here, it is stuck
here, it is aching
here, in the forest of my heart
 Jan 2019 Regina Harrison
Like a cube of the ice
Melting  in the presence of the fire
The warmth of your love
And sweetness Melts me
Igniting My  Desire
Into the smoke as if I do not exist
Burning & Burning
It's only the Fire of Desire

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