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  Mar 2015 Firewalker
Arlo Disarray
The memories are fading, but I'll always hold them dear
You hold me in your heart, I keep you in every tear
And circumstances broke us into pieces after years
But I must say, still to this day
I'm glad that you were here

Shadows cast around us as the sun began to rise
And stars began to fade as we'd see the morning skies
More gorgeous than the dawn I'd get lost inside your eyes
But time did pass and nothing lasts
So we said our goodbyes

Our skin and hearts connected, slowly becoming one
Our love was built on twigs, and stuck together with gum
And when it fell apart it made my heart grow numb
And yes, it's true that I love you
But sorry, I'm just done

I miss the nights of  you and me, when you'd tear off my skirt
You'd grab me by the hair and then you'd rip my shirt
We'd do it on the lawn, in a tree or on the dirt
The nights, the days, the ***** ways
You were the best dessert

Nothing lasts forever because forever is too long
Everything will shatter, because nothing is that strong
Nothing is ever right because nothing is ever wrong
It's sad to say I live this way
It just continues on...
Firewalker Feb 2015
Warm Rain,

Warm Rain falls, flushes away my pain,

You can’t know me, but I’ll always know you,

Your smile and your needs have changed me,

I didn’t know how to care, until I held your innocence,

Distant memory of my broken pieces,

I’ve come together, for a purpose,

For your safety, for your life,

Warm Rain falls, flushes away my sorrow,

Warm Rain

Firewalker.....(for my son)
Firewalker Feb 2015
You have my soul,
     You own my heart,
There’s not much left of either, only crumbs
     Like a cookie half eaten by a child,
     You don’t want any of it,

I know courses through my veins
     But we can’t change it,
We swallowed,
      I didn’t know the dose was potent,
Now only time can dilute,
      I ran out of time,  
No antidote only sorrow

Firewalker Feb 2015
I pass,
Through this doorway,
Many times before,
I’ve forgotten the distance,
Lost count,
One step, one year,
Two steps, ten years,
Memories stretch, portraits fade

Lost and broken,
I stand at this doorway.
I wasn’t supposed to be here
Like this,
My plan crumbled in defeat,
Dream fell to the floor,
gave my heart away,
Nothing left to say or feel,
Just breath and smell
Your perfume,
I reach for handle and turn the ****…

  Jan 2015 Firewalker
I've often heard people speak
about the sting of tear-burnt cheeks.
The taste of their salty exit
on bitten, nervous lips.
Rarely, have I heard them admit
how hard it is to swallow
the same tears before they
even reach the surface.
I've consumed so much of my
own, I have become the
salty roaring tide.
Firewalker Jan 2015
Dawn bleeds, in a world gone dark,
Swept in by the wind, escapes horror's clutch,
Deceived by a serpent, wrath of almighty,
the gentle rain washes the skin, away the sin,
It's time to write our story, In a new Book,
Stay with me until the world begins again,

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