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 Dec 2016 404
It's Unconditional
 Dec 2016 404
"They love you unconditionally."

That's what you say,
That's what you tell me,
That's what I know,
That's what I thought.

How conditional is their unconditionality?

Sure, they're family.
Sure, they've raised me, watched me grow.
Sure, they know me.
Sure, they say they love me.

How far can I fall before they refuse to catch me?

They believe in certain things.
things i don't agree with.
They follow certain ways.
ways i go against.
They don't know I differ from them.

Just tell me,
How conditional is their 'unconditional' love?
 Dec 2016 404
 Dec 2016 404
You talk of killing yourself as one would of getting a glass of water:

You are sarcastic, and in this, too, there is sarcasm, but it's undertone is real. Honest.

So of course, you scare me.

It does not take long before you ask the question I dread:
Would you miss me if I were dead?

Because I want to know what the hell kind of question that is.

Stupid question, heartless question, yes I'd miss you if you were dead.

Stupid, because we're friends, because I know you, because I like you.

Heartless, because do you really think I care for you so little that I'd wish you away?

Nothing matters now, though.
It's been asked,
It's been answered.

So long as you do me a favor.
Just one - no more, no less.

And don't discount this, the way you always do,
saying everybody dies, not everybody dies by choice.

Stay alive, will you?
For as long as you possibly can?

Who am I to dictate, what you can and cannot do.
Who am I to force you, to live in a world you cannot stand.

But for me, for the others, for everyone who says we'll miss you, please,

*Hold out as long as you can stand.
 Dec 2016 404
Everyone loves a low-born story,
as opposed to the thematically villainous silver spoon -
unless of course they give up too soon,
and let themselves be consumed by the rest.

*Could've been someone,
maybe even one of the best.
Why do we feel bad about other people's mistakes?
 Nov 2016 404
i s a b e l l a
I wish you could understand
the conundrum in my mind
but not even I can untangle its meaning
it's this mess in the middle of my chest
and it's hard to breathe when I think about it
but I don't even know what I'm thinking about
so everything is quiet
but if you ever listened to silence
you would hear this loud ringing
and it hurts your brain
so I can't be quiet
so I keep my mind busy
but that hurts me
so I sit and do nothing
but that hurts me
I am this conundrum
and if I can't solve it
I don't think anyone ever will
 Nov 2016 404
 Nov 2016 404
Words...words, words
Words don't ******* work when your
Mind conducts the chorus ticking
Time distorts our memory until the
Image of ourselves is bleak and left
A lie, alone we shall only ever know
Not a single true thing that's happened...

I can't unlock the doors to my perception
Can't break the floor of my depression
The streets all pour out with indiscretion
Protesting our right to withhold confessions
This process wreaks havoc among friends...

They're just ******* sounds...
How niaeve of me to ever really believe that
I could get to know somebody.
To be deceived by my needs to
Exist socially among busy bees
But we're all just working.

Drinking on sweet honey
Lick her bottle neck when it drips
And don't worry darling when it stings
You're only getting the tip
You're only tasting your own buds
These grooves'll rub your toungue raw
And I saw the way you moved when
That vibration killed the mood and we
Lost the connection.
Inspired by a bad day and a good song
 Nov 2016 404
Breanna Stockham
Police killings,
Guns in classrooms,
Black lives matter,
Gendered bathrooms.
Terrorism, marriage law,
Protests, riots,
Presidential election,
American crisis.

Red, white and blue
We’re kneeling, burning.
Children watching,
Hearing, learning.

Moving backward
But seeking change,
Demanding love
But spreading hate.
Tearing down,
Demanding growth,
To have both.

We scream so we’re heard
But do we seek change,
Or do we seek volume?
Is it passion or rage?

There's quite a difference
Between taking a stand
And demanding peace
With knives in our hands.

We are the power,
And we are the knowledge.

But we are the battle,
And we are the challenge.
 Nov 2016 404
a m a n d a
i am
g l a d
the veil has been
pulled back.

now i can see you.

now i know
exactly who
i am dealing with.
 Nov 2016 404
a m a n d a
i think it
a grave mistake
to be held
s e c r e t,
one's chest,
only by

It is a dark path.
a journey into
an obsession with
yourself and those
who agree with you.

progress only arises
from s h a r i n g

one does not
get an education
to learn only about

it is the others
who provide the
most beautiful,
complex unraveling of
your tightly wound views.

a society that
does not share ideas,
does not excel.
does not improve.
does not invent.
does not create.

a society fixated on a mantra
of sameness
will collapse
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