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Eliza Nov 2019
The beautiful blue of the sky.

The Many shades of green clinging to the trees.

Every color changes throughout the day.

Each season brings new colors.

All a perception of the sun and your eyes.

Take a good look at the nature around

It is truly beautiful, even at its worst,

The sun will always come back around

Symboling a new beginning.

Through all the pain

Just remember there's always a new day.

A new beginning to a life worth living.
Suggested by: R B M
Eliza Nov 2019
Any new ideas for me?
One word prompt would be easy.
Just comment down below
Sit back and see what I can show.
All ideas are appreciated
Simple or complicated.
I will try my best
To impress!!
Might take a while to write them but if you have any requests let me know and I'll make it poetic <3
Eliza Oct 2019
The pain of losing their trust
The mistake of someone else's lust
The lost love feels as if the heart is crushed.
A life planed with him
Now so grim
The hope for happiness is slim.
There are so many things that remind her of him.
The sun seems to dim
As memories of him
crach in, her eyes start to swim.
She is hanging on by a thread
Remembering what he said
Wishing she was dead.
Eliza Jul 2019
The young girl
Her hair in a wild swirl.
The cement bench beneath her
The past three hours just a blur.
The freshly dug grave
She was told to be brave.
Her sister lay Six feet under
The girls mind began to wander.
"Who would miss me if I joined her?
Which would they prefer?"
That night her mind went wild
Of course she had to be the foster child.
She found some rope and put it to use
The young girl made a noose.
Eliza Jul 2019
The overwhelming feeling of drowning
The emotions are surrounding
My lungs are collapsing
Time is elapsing
The panic

A smack
Back to reality
Where is my mentality
What triggered my insanity
Its caused by general inhumanity
I enter this one into a poetry contest on Wattpad and got second place :D
Eliza May 2019
He lay staring up at the stars
The dewy Grass beneath his black coat.
Pulling up his sleeves, he reveals the scars.
Wondering if there should be another on his throat.
He thinks back to a time when we called the moon ours.
On his skin, he wrote
The name on his tongue sours
His heart raced as he wondered when they last spoke
He thinks back to all the fowers
That went up in smoke.
Now the thought makes him remember the arguments when they spoke.
His pillow still harnesses the midnight showers
He now lay to stare at the moon for hours.
Eliza May 2019
She stares into the shards lying upon the floor,

Blood slowly drips from the cuts on her hands.

Then comes a knock at the door,

Unmoving, she watches the blood leave her body and only then she understands.

She knows the happiness death can bring, soon she will not feel any more.

Her mom opens the door,

She finds her precious daughter on the floor,

******, with a broken mirror and a **** across her throat,

With no trace of sorrow or pain, her mom thought "could there have been an antidote?"

Tears continue to poor

More and more.

She lay, limp within her mother's arms

Unmoving, she slowly fades from the warmth of life,

She hears ringing as if there were alarms,

Her mother gets up and leaves, returning with a knife

She lay, her daughter wrapped in caring arms,

She cries just before taking her own life.
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