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  Aug 2019 Cat Lynn System
A: anxiety
Cat Lynn System Aug 2019
I never said was going to be easy to become...
Nor did I say it would be a pretty process
Lord i am trying... i cant look anywhere else... i cant depend on anyone else... you have to be my focus... i dont care what it takes... Do whatever it takes for me to be more like you
Cat Lynn System Aug 2019
When they call me a brat...
They ignore the fact...
That to me...
Being a brat means that I'm trying to be someone who is...

B - Building
R - Righteously
A - Although
T - Terrorized and
T - Terrified say it to my face... I know I am a Bratt
I know i struggle
I know i can be cold at times..
But please know I am trying to keep my eyes on Him and what I really need to focus on
So forgive me for being scared
Forgive me for being unfair
But i am trying to sort out my emotions
And focus more on Him...
Cat Lynn System Aug 2019
Dont get too high
Cause then in the end, you end up falling, and then die

It feels good for a small moment to be up in the sky
But then you feel guilty... and wish to make it right
It hurts to fall from such a high place
Cat Lynn System Aug 2019
After two years of trying to figure it out
When the root of the problem ended up being upside down

Every piece of the puzzle now perfectly fits...
But God... I was not expecting this kind of plot twist
Still trying to fully grasp it
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