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  Sep 2014 Clio
The Girl Who Loves You
The reflection in your eyes
Like a mirror to my lost soul
The depths truly astound me
Nowhere to go
But deep into your poetry
Where I can feel your misery
The beginning of your love
The mask you hide behind
But OH!
The beauty I can find
Within your words so clearly defined
Much love, hurt, pain and sadness
We are one of a kind
Filled with joy and madness
Your flows speak to me
Your rhymes tell me your story
With each stanza the truth is revealed
How you feel
And the pain you hide
I want to see what's behind
The mask covering your eyes
The truth of your disguise
Your words told me your story
Now I wanna see the face of that poetry

******, you look beautiful to me
I just wanted to say how much connection I feel with all of you and how I absolutely love reading all your poetry. Thank you all for sharing.

  Sep 2014 Clio
Turtle Eyes
I cherish every second that I spend with you, no matter what it is

Driving here and there
Working on boards
Bumping into each other as we walk down the street
Shopping for lunch
Planning an event or holding you in my arms

That's my favorite thing to do

I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, but for now I will just cherish all the time I can steal! I love you baby!
  Sep 2014 Clio
And he lay down
To sleep until clocks ran out
Of time to tick away,

And he slept through
Endless waves of storms,
Soaking his mattress but never his skin,

And he made sure to pull
On all the loose frays that
Held his sloppily stitched shut eyes

Tight and forever binding.
  Sep 2014 Clio
I'm wearing your sweatshirt to sleep again
I'm under my own roof and it makes me feel more at home

I've bitten my nails until they bleed
But when I hold your hand, everything seems to heal

I can't undo the tangles in my hair
But you trace your fingers down my arm and every one of my thoughts becomes unwinded and untangled before you
  Sep 2014 Clio
Natalie N Johnson
These are all just bad beginnings
in my search for a show-stopper,
a jaw-dropper,
trying to be just the right balance
of sarcastic and lovely,
the right balance of writer
that I idealize and am not,
of course,
what am I, a narcissist?

I'm trying to put into words
the feelings I told you I danced
because they are wordless (spaceful)
and because of you
I have to say them with voice;
what a dilemma is this--

That when I tell you with movement
what I can't say
you put me in the place
of having to voice it and now
I have no words
other than bad beginnings.

So is that it?
When I word to you
instead of dance for you (for me?)
what you have to return is a nothing,
a less-than-nothing saying,
saying nothing, leaving me

hurt and confused because
maybe there was a something
in all your nothing that I can't find--
because we are dealing in words now,
and I'm a movement reader.

And I know I will forgive you for this
but I won't forgive me for knowing that.

Even while I'm still so angry, it just reveals
my pathetic (patient?) desperation for your love,

But I didn't say this right.
I need to move (dance) this.
Wonderful word wanderings
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