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Clio Feb 2016
He was my rock
He loved me for me

And just because of jealousy
I lost him

He was my missing piece
He completed me

Yet I still felt empty
I felt like he loved somebody else

I guess I now know why he left me

He was giving me all he had
All a man could ever have
And all a girl could ever dream of

.................................  And I was just too greedy
Clio Feb 2015
It happened that night, Friday
He finally broke his silence,
He spoke of us being too different
Too different to be meant for each other
Two different kinds of peas, to Unalike to fit in one pod
He didn't speak of his life being to low to compare to mine
His lips didn't have to say it
His gaze said enough
His eyes told his story of unhappiness
His distance showed me his new found direction
Away from this relationship
I tried to prevent him from leaving, but all my efforts proved futile
He no longer wanted to conversate
Neither did he have intentions to negotiate
He didn't want to work it out
He didn't even try

After that moment
I sat with a fixed gaze into realms beyond my own understanding
Reaching miles of strange feelings
That soft mushy feeling had dissolved
And his name no longer gave me chills
Deleting his pictures and contacts was effortlessly done
Thats when it hit me
We were over
We had fallen love
  Oct 2014 Clio
Frank Ruland
My blood once flowed through me, into you
my brain once birthed such happy thoughts
my heart once found a tempo that matched yours,

but now...

My blood coagulates as it oozes from open wounds
my brain is desecrated from misgivings fought
my heart washes upon desolate, foreign shores.

and now...

I wish both of our frequencies attuned
so that you may feel the sensation of being naught,
and I hope you're the one soul that Hell adores,


You're dead to me.
  Oct 2014 Clio
Jessica Steepy
I want to cry
And fall apart
But I must be a brave soldier
And silence my heart
  Sep 2014 Clio
Joshua Haines
I'm in love with someone's daughter
living in the shards of a broken home
Cutting herself on two year-old letters
These are moments she can't fake;
reasons to feel alone
So used to abuse, her tears start to shake
I hold her close as her head starts to ache
"I love you too much,
so I can't let your heart break."
She said, "I know you love me,
but you've made a mistake."

I never meant for anyone to be my pulse.
I promise not to step on your feet
if you teach me how to waltz.
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