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Anna Feb 2
But slowly
I see the faces I have loved
And lost

I hit the water
Slip soundly beneath
The old bridge
And the seaweed
Sings me a sad song
Anna Feb 1
The nothingness takes up so much room
It invades every crevice consuming the light
It starts small and grows grows growls into
Anna Jan 3
Photo printed of geese and children
Framed in an aged brown and sat upon a shelf
***** with time and passed by
Picked up by a brown haired girl
Taken home to be hung on the wall
Home again
Anna Nov 2023
Seeing colors within the blackness
I wish it all to fade
The fire that covered my world in ash
Was black on my pink sweater and grey
Under my nails
And i wish the fire was in me
And not in my apartment
Where I had buried so very much
And hidden what truly mattered
And I wish the fire was in me , and I wish it was extinguished
Shut off the lights
Please it hurts my eyes
Anna Nov 2023
I lit the cables and I said goodbye
Woke up to the flames so hot the paint melted off my windowsill
I told you some but not never nearly enough
Of what you did to me
And how I loved you, my liar so
Oh how I ached and it ended in flames
And it ended in no real apology
And I’m grateful for that (if you know what I mean)
And it ended in silence
I poured water on the flames and
Those blue eyes , they’ll drown you one day.
When I hear the news
I do not  believe I will cry.
Anna Nov 2023
Twenty five the angel will be
I remember when she’d just gotten her wings
The white hair cascading around
my sadness
Filling me with light

The Angel wanted to die but she gave me life
Isn’t it funny
A decade goes by and the wings became pink like a sunset on a November night . Fifteen to twenty five .oh my how high she has flown,
She offers her hand and I take it
we embrace above the clouds
Pink and orange and blue and colors no one else will ever be able to see .
Anna Nov 2023
the lines in life they don’t mention
appear in strange ways
Driving the highway at night I swerve
Cross the line crush the line and blow it
Into my brain
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