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Anna 3d
I live on the surface now
But I used to swim down deep in the water
Where it’s always dark

I never think anymore
I just hum and buzz and click
tv static with the volume turned all the way up

I miss the dark
It gave me time to think
I had questions complexity and unrest
it is light at The surface and I can see the people
And I don’t even realize I’m becoming one of them
Much more quickly than I would’ve ever thought
Anna Dec 2021
sometimes the past comes
Back in pixels
I see them fly by
And arrange them
As fast as I can

But the picture is always
I was but floating on
Stars in my eyes
Couldn’t feel a thing

And now I’m down below
In the dirt writhing

I eat the dirt and **** it back out
I am alive
Anna Dec 2021
bumble bee boy
Found me in the weeds
Stuck underneath
The spikey leaves
He hummed
Telling me that I didn’t belong there
You are a rose he said
They saw your thorns
And thought you were one of them
He picked me up
Young wings and summer air
we flew under the apple tree
In my parents yard
He touched my petals
And told me
You are the most beautiful rose of them all
And for some reason
I believe him

I love you Christian. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. You are my baby bumblebee.
Anna Nov 2021
I miss you
I think about the ugliness of my past
The sad story I have become
I had you in the time I was drowning
Now I’m dry on the shore
But you’re long gone
And we’re
Still under the same sun
but I might as well
Be in another galaxy
Anna Nov 2021
I want to be an artist
Who creates meaning and spreads love
I don’t want to be an addict
Who loses their direction in a pill bottle
And throws up their morals
Into a trap house toilet

I want to be the rainbow on a rainy day
I want to breathe and know that I’m the best
I can be
I want to be new
Anna Oct 2021
and her mind was not clear
she did not look up at the clouded night
nor did she stop to contemplate
the meaning of anything or lack thereof

she was already gone, drowned
eyes unseeing and empty
when she stepped of the bridge
and fell like a lost star
down fast
into the darkness,
plunging out of existence
into an ever expanding universe
Anna Oct 2021
on a cold cloudy day
I sit and smoke cigarettes,
thinking about your eyes

when you left the color
of your irises consumed
my world and now
all I see is blue
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