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John Mendoza Jan 27
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

There’s no love around my way cause my heart just don’t feel the same

As my eyes open wide, I see there’s no sunshine yet I still pretend like everything is alright

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Can’t water the flowers of his soul if the darkness already took its toll, there’s no sunshine so all he ever feels is cold

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
John Mendoza Jan 11
Ring ring...

Ring ring... hey it’s your future calling

Yes, I know that everything ***** and it feels like your falling

But just remember that I’m kinda like a spoken freestyle, I’m not writen in pages

As the spoils always go to the victors, not to those trapped in their own cages
John Mendoza Jan 11
Yours Truly Part 2.

Thank you my beautiful friend for the undying love you always tend to lend, cause it’s your words that helped me rediscover who I am

The angry boy is no longer looking for another way out as he put his past in his pocket and made a promise to tame the demons in his closet

Thank you my beautiful friend for the ear you always tend to lend as you heard my silent cries at night, howling at moon, wishing for his life to end

Cause I’m finally able to see that it’s about the journey not the destination, it’s about discovering who I am and applying the lessons I learned in the past, to build the house for the future of my aspirations

Thank you my beautiful friend for offering me your soft loving hand, even if I never took it before, I learned as a man it’s okay to accept a helping hand

I’m glad I’m the end, you’re the one that always saves me, cause after all, you are my wonder wall

- Yours truly
   Part 3 coming soon.....
John Mendoza Jan 7
Like Mr Jekyll & Hyde, I found you when all you did was hide, and though I thought I better off, but in reality it was just a lie

Cause part me thought you died and to fill the void, I drank till I died too like a dark twisted fantasy, I drank till it wasn’t true

But I’ve come to terms that I need you as much as you need me as you and I are one in the same, cause even the darkness has the light to keep it tamed

Without you there is no hope and without me there is no life, without you there is no love and without me there is no vessel, cause in the end we are in this fight together, just like how the day can count on the night to help keep its head on right
John Mendoza Jan 7
If I’m being honest when I left, though it hurt, yet you still wished me the best, but deep down, you knew I wasn’t coming back, cause life was just something I couldn’t hack, yet no matter how far I ran, you kept calling me back

I figured that maybe, if I made amends to those before I left, I wouldn’t have to pretend to be content, and I could be free knowing that certain things are better left unsaid, yet somewhere down the line, the love in our hearts, and hope in our eyes were lost due to a disconnect

Cause at times we’re too blind to see what we call home, too angry to enjoy what we call our own, while hoping that maybe it’s not too late, to say goodbye, as time continues to pass us by

As deep down, I knew I couldn’t stay, cause the thoughts in my head, always left me feeling worse than dead, so my only option was to flee, like caged bird, who needed to be free

So I looked for any chance to fly away, any means to runaway, but soon I came to see that I wasn’t running from you, I was running from me, although I always told myself, that maybe if I told you farewell, then I wouldn’t have felt so overwhelmed

Cause honestly I’ve grown....
Too tired of sorrow filled eyes, blinded with spite,
Too tired of holding up a heavy heart weighed down by lies,
Too tired of a war torn soul, lost in a disguise,
Too tired of wondering if I’ll ever see the sunrise

Yet as these things haunt me, your love for me never fell through, no matter how many times I withdrew from you,
So I hope that you can forgive me, as I have the strength to see now, what I was too angry to see before
Cause I was never truly alone, as I always had you, my beautiful broken home....
John Mendoza Jan 4
Somehow I’m still playing by the rules in a world where the only rules left, are the ones that people make up that are constantly changing with the times

Still I continue to fill up, my red solo cup with courage, although I already know that it only makes me sicker, yet I can’t help but feel great as I drown my liver with ******* liquor, just to be part of a world that will forever be bitter
John Mendoza Dec 2018
From the ashes of defeat, I will rise to my feet

With this pen that I have, I will forge my own path

With the words that I speak, I will use them to teach

With the eyes that I have, I will use them to help me see the world that I’m missing

Instead of going numb from the *** to hide from the pain, that dwells inside my brain
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