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so they say

love is


but nothing is really


except the number pie

and parallel geometrical lines

if you enjoy

things that are


*become a mathematician
The girl's mouth is so sweet,
A taste that nothing can beat.
Every boy comes and flies past
Each like the last.
Just wanting a taste
That all the other guys chase.
She's got a body that's for sure,
Since all the boys want what's under her shirt.
They all leave their mark,
Not worrying about her heart.
The most important ***** of all,
Treated like it's worthless and small.
But why worry about that
When she doesn't look half bad? When she has some sweet lips
And those banging good hips?
I used to like being alone because I had time to think.

Now I fear being alone, because there's too many things on my mind.
Before, I simply thought about the world. Now, when I'm alone, all I think is about the mistakes I've made and how sad I've become. Thoughts, they ruin me.
  Dec 2015 BeYourImperfectness
Miss X
is not your enemy
                                  Society is
Choose your spot
Shine it nice
Pretend your real
Shed a tear
Let the blade arrive
Give direction
Sigh your perfect sigh
Show your shallow smile
Bleed alone
Die alone.....
I don't believe in childish things,

like santa,

I don't partake anymore in the act of gift getting,

I used to believe that all these things used to be what christmas time was for,

but what about the kids who never got even 1 gift this season,

we hardly hear their cries,

there happy to have they family together just for christmas night,

but what about those kids,

who can't even get that,

santa must not like them then,

*** santa has forgotten them,


because there's no such thing as santa,

and I have not forgotten them,

but who else has not forgotten them,

someone needs to help them,

I used to believe in santa,

I used to get gifts,

but now I ask my family to give my gifts to other kids,

this seasons about giving,

so give to someone who has less.
an idea for the season.
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