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Ayan Roy Jun 6
A blurred up nightscape
Brushing past the eyes
Wind rolling through the windows
And the tears way past dry.
The old V8 knew it's way
The past, present and dust on the trail.

With the Sun starting to set
The horizon came near, in the distant mile.
But still afar,
From the place
In the mirror by my side.

Or so I thought.

That evening had it's beauty
The sky was clear and the road empty.
The dial on the speedometer started to rise
As I gave it all to get past this
Last mile.
I just didn't wanna look in the mirror.

Her arms waving to me
For one last time.
Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
Feet on the ground
Head in the clouds

Eyes always glazed
Knuckles grazed

Back hunched
Head slumped

Rough and calloused
And full of malice

But really just a broken boy
Ayan Roy May 31
At midnight the clouds rain
Dreams flow down the alleyways
And streets, till they all fade
With them bustling with the wind
The music and light
Hands around her waist
And the world in her eye
The leather jacket skycrapers
And the neon in their shades
They name all the stars
While you take me there
Ayan Roy May 30
There was once a king
In a house of cards
Loved his queen
With all his heart.

For he was a heart
To give and dare,
But she chose a king
With a diamond
To spare.

Soon they got shuffled
And the game begun.
In the hands of a man
Whose heart had spun.

They drew their swords
And waited their chance
But this was a game
They all knew,
Was done.
  May 26 Ayan Roy
Take what you can get
Even if it's not what you want.

A shoulder to cry on.
A comforting hug.
A piece of advice.

Because sometimes what you want
Is not what you need.
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