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Andromyda Feb 2020
He is the ocean in a hurricane
Chaotic and beautiful
Powerful as it churns deep in the sea
Leaving nothing unsettled

The water at the surface swirls
Pulling everything into the depths
Like a vortex
Holding me captive in the waters embrace

His water crashes in waves on the shore
Permanently marking the earth
Engulfing the passers by
Destroying the monotony

And when the hurricane passes
The surface settles calmly
And His gentle strength surrounds me
Leaving nothing in me unchanged
Andromyda Feb 2020
Does anything happen in the hesitation
Can time move forward
Or am I sitting on the edge of my seat for nothing

I hesitate out of fear
Because I know what I’ve known
And I’ve lost myself to a lie before

I’m hesitant to feel anything
Because everything hurts
Even when it’s good

Why do I deserve good
When did I earn happiness
What makes me worth any effort

But I’m already lost again
And I know exactly where I am
And I already feel what I feel

This is like nothing I’ve ever known
And though I feel guilty
I want this feeling to stay
Andromyda Feb 2020
The edge-
I stand at the edge of the water
Where my toes barely graze the cool tide
My heels lifted off the ground

I’m unsteady and my balance wavers
To where one breeze might knock me forward
Out into the ocean of time and change

If I just let go I could fall blindly
Let the waves pull me in
And sink into the sea until it covers me

I’m afraid to drown
I’m afraid to lost sight of the sun
I’m afraid because I can’t run away underwater

I’ve always had a way out
I always know my escape paths
But this ocean is so strong and overwhelming

The salty smell pulls on me
Stronger than any desire I’ve ever felt
To just dive in headfirst

If I could just throw caution to the wind
And actually live for once
I wouldn’t be standing on my toes at the edge of the water right now
Andromyda Jan 2020
Today I am stepping into the water
Wading deeper until I’m covered
And the current sweeps me up with it

I will swim with the current
Following wherever it takes me
No longer fighting against it

I will dive deep into the ocean
Seeing all the new life in the depths
Greeting every new experience with open arms

I will keep my eyes open
To see the wonders of the ocean floor
To notice the details of every beauty before me

I will embrace the change
And be fully open to all the possibilities
I’m ready for a new frontier

I’ve been yearning for this for so long
And it’s finally here
Today I’m free to swim and be me
Andromyda Jan 2020
On to a new day
As the sun starts to rise
Or is it the moon this time

I’ve lost track
Of night and day
Unsure what time it is

What’s the difference
Between dark and light
The both feel the same these days
Andromyda Jan 2020
You tiptoe in the edge of the water
Sending ripples out over the surface
Affecting every living thing that exists there

On the surface is the moons reflection
Dancing wildly on the water
Moving with the current without hesitation

And the stars in the sky glitter the area
Contributing every amount of light they have
No matter how small or insignificant

You lift your face to the sky and breathe deep
Taking in the scent of the breeze
Noticing the details in the nature around you

There is harmony between you and the night
You move with grace and beauty
And it’s breathtaking how it compliments the universe
Andromyda Jan 2020
When everything was scary a wrong
I found peace in knowing someone was out there
Who understood what was happening

And maybe it’s not that you understood
But you were willing to try
And see my feelings and know my side

And then when things were harder
You didn’t just let me sit alone
But you stole my seat and made me be beside you

Instead of pushing away like everyone else did
You opened up and accepted me as I was
All broken and confused and messy

And when I begin to worry and overthink
You reassure me that everything’s okay
Instead of letting me believe I’m crazy or wrong

And when everything’s good you let it be
Instead of tearing me down
And ruining all the little things that make me me

And when I thought I could never hope again
And had no faith that things could be good
You made me believe I could be happy

It can be easy and fun and carefree with you
And I don’t know exactly what I’ve found
But I know I want to keep it
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