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Mar 2021 · 316
Angela Mar 2021
I'm sorry for nightmares
buried so deep
I screamed in your face
for what you did in my sleep

for thoughts that diffracted
and times I despaired
over heartbreaking moments
that weren't really there

I'm sorry I promised
and failed to awake
while my sleepwalking heart
found problems to make

for trusting my eyes
when the lies reappeared
and the limited days
when delusions had cleared

for leaving you lonely
in the world that is real
while I slipped off the edge
into deep dark surreal

for how I'm still sleeping
and have failed to escape
the mirages of monsters
when love is at stake

I wish I could keep you,
confirm you're enough,
but these nightmares within
won't let me wake up
When mental illness eats your relationship, who can relate?
Jan 2021 · 201
Armor in Quicksand
Angela Jan 2021
She believed herself a solid boulder
though as soon as he would hold her,
the safety of his gentle touch
was home she couldn't help but clutch.
She'd dissolve to quicksand at his feet
and blow away as he began to sink.

She loathed her spirit made of dust,
trapped in a mind devoid of trust,
but every time she thought of him
she'd gain the strength to build again.
to show this unsuspecting knight
his kiss had sparked her back to life.
Ever notice how you fall apart as soon as the walls come down? Sometimes the person gets caught up in what you've been holding back, but their commitment is worth the self-repair.
Jan 2021 · 341
Angela Jan 2021
Though he fears
she might be gone
when Darkness
gives him back,

devotion sends
fragmented light
to pierce the
blinding Black.

She lights a fire
every night
he wanders
Sorrow's path

Spotlight aimed
through the Abyss,
her love ignites
the map.
This piece is about the people who love you when depression doesn't let you see anything but pain.
Jan 2021 · 268
Angela Jan 2021
Some gaped
Clutching spoons
Stained with technicolor sweet

Some choked
Spewing taffy
At the poison pastor's feet

Some wept
Scrubbing powder
From their pixie-dusted hands

Some screamed
Grinding canes
Into minty striped sand

He grinned
Spinning scripture
Into fluffy twisted hope

We died
Dangling sweetly
From the cotton candy ropes
I mean no offense. This is about something a specific pastor did that I'm just not quite over yet.

— The End —