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Alex Nov 2018
It makes my flesh crawl to hear you
Yesterday, you know.
He should’ve been at the funeral
Friends and relatives of the missing gathered
Like a flame made weak by lies.
The good news was pounced upon and passed on
It couldn’t be a coincidence
The man's head had been sawed open
You didn’t close the door.
You let them in.
You killed him.
Alex Nov 2018
He caresses my thumb, as we walk down the autumnal beach
What made him fall for me I ask
You can just tell when you’re in love. He whispers.
What did you say?
You heard me.
My heart fluttered, Love.
Is that what this is
Alex Jul 2018
The World spins so fast that we can’t feel it
This planet we are standing on is moving at 1000 miles an hour
But we can’t feel it
It’s a constant rate of movement, no speeding up and no slowing down
Which is why we can’t feel it
The earth is just spinning,
and we are just a passenger
Moving throughout space on a giant flying rock
No control over where we will end up
No control over where this rock is going
Yet we just keep moving forward
Launching ourselves at 1000 miles per hour
Straight around the sun
Which seems to be a good motto for life
We should launch ourselves at whatever we want to do at full force
1000 miles per hour
Straight around the sun
Moving us forward
Step by step
Mile by mile
Year by precious year
The earth is proof that we can,
We will, make it through this
We will push through and live our best lives
We will.
Alex Mar 2018
1 People who take red lights as suggestions
#2 People who drink espresso straight
#3 People who flirt with no intention
#4 People who have a hatred for anyone who isn’t straight or normal
#5 People who think short people can’t do anything. We can but it may involve climbing on anything that gets in our way
#6 People who follow the rules
#7 People who don’t follow the rules
#8 People who decide that they’re better than everyone else because they’re parents have a little more money
#9 People who think getting tattoos and dying your hair is a mistake
#10 Math teachers
Alex Mar 2018
My finger has a heartbeat she said
Resting her hand on my wrist
Watching her finger bounce up and down
As blood flowed through my veins
Alex Mar 2018
We only realized we were holding hands when it was time to let go
She released my hand from her grasp and walked away.
The way her feet danced across the beach each step leaving an indent in the sand, the water washing it away moments later.
We drifted further as the water tore her from me
She returned to the sea where she belonged.
As she walked into the water I noticed she had scales
Blue scales where her legs once were
This is why she needed to go
Returning to her home
Into the sea
We only realized we were holding hands when it was time to let go
I go to the beach, the same one
Every day
That one day,
She will return
I loved her
Wishing that I could follow her there
Deep into the sea
To see her once more is my dream
We only realized we were holding hands when it was time to let go…..
Alex Mar 2018
You made me cry out
I hate you, no, I love you
But that’s just not true
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