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Aaron Jan 15
People say
you're alive
you're safe
you're okay

But that's a lie
The question is
am I alive
I don't feel like I am

It feels like nothing
like life is just going by
but I'm frozen
not able to move

Not able
to feel alive
to feel free
so I stay here

Just breathing.
Aaron Jan 15
He is my sun
he is my light
he is perfect
but he doesn't believe me.

I hide my love from him
I see the way he looks at someone else
he likes him and I understand
I wish he felt the same

We like a lot of the same things
we talk a lot about them
and yet
he only sees me as a friend
Aaron Dec 2018
i told the truth
i said how i feel
is that so wrong?
it was the truth

I never meant to hurt you
you know me
i loved you
but then we grew apart

i started to like someone else
but i didnt stop to think
would it hurt you
would you still care about me

I told the truth
but i failed to realize
it would hurt you
you would take it out on me

i didnt know how i felt at the time
i didnt mean for this to happen
but you hurt me to much
so i stopped trying
Aaron Dec 2018
He is the light
he is perfect
he is everything to me
he is hot

he knows i love him
but he doesn't feel the same
i realized something
love is painful

love hurt
love is false
can someone even have a true love?
love hurts people

it is great
but it also isnt
love can heal
but it can also hurt

it can hurt you so bad
that you cant breath
you cant even look at him
it can make you spiral

love isnt anything but fake.
Aaron Nov 2018
you are not wanted
people hate you
they just want to feel normal

But you stop that
you are not needed
the pain you give people

You make them struggle

Dysphoria you are also good
you help people understand
they are not who they are told
you help them get to who they really are

you are bad and good
but you are also helpful
Aaron Nov 2018
one word
two letters
change someones life

Make him happy
make him known
help him get there
don't push him down

he looks like a girl
but he is not
he is a boy

he is in the wrong body
help him
guide him
make him happy

he is not a girl
he is telling you now
use the right pronouns
he will forever be great full to you
Aaron Nov 2018
I am male
I am human
the word “Girl” is like getting stabbed in the chest.

Getting called a girl
a lady
a female
but no, I am male.

People don't understand the pain of dysphoria
they don't understand the pain,
getting called the wrong name
or the wrong gender.

People say it’s
a phase
it’s a choice,
but they will never understand,
I was born this way.

I can't change who I am and I don't want to
I am transgender
I am human
I am proud.
Please comment what you think about my poem.

— The End —