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1.4k · Dec 2021
A long night
Andrew Dec 2021
Im a little low
Im feeling  blue
Im lost for words
When I think of you

Through the forest
And over the hills
When I think of you
It give me chills

I’d move a mountain
I’d run a mile
When I think of you
I remember that smile

When I think of you
I lay in bed
I can not sleep
After what you said
1.4k · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
It’s a crazy world but
Somebody has to live in it.
1.0k · Feb 2021
Andrew Feb 2021
News flash!
Just had the vaccine
Side effects
957 · Feb 2021
Left behind
Andrew Feb 2021
I remember
my mother telling me.
“When a relationship ends,
one always
gets left behind”
888 · Oct 2021
My last words
Andrew Oct 2021
One day
we might
meet again,
you may
not remember me
but I’ll never
forget you.
Until then
when I
need you
I’ll keep you
hidden away
so no one
can touch you
In the back
of my mind
where I know
you’ll be
safe and sound
860 · Dec 2021
Dark times
Andrew Dec 2021
Every night  
before I sleep
I close my eyes
and begin to weep

I lay there watching
the curtains sway
In a room
I painted black and grey

Will the morning
ever come
why do I hope
to see the sun
when tomorrow
I’ll be mad
feeling numb
802 · Dec 2021
I’m an addict
Andrew Dec 2021
Before I die
I wanna try
Just one day
Without a lie
To feel free
In every way
Help me be
Run a mile
Go and play
With a smile
Make me cry
For a while
Not get high
801 · Jan 2021
Years later
Andrew Jan 2021
There hasn’t been a single day
Where I haven’t been thinking
Of you in some way
761 · Jan 11
Andrew Jan 11
Your sorry for me,
I’m sorry for you
for having someone like me
551 · Jan 24
Andrew Jan 24
All the mistakes
I’ve made
I preformed
526 · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
It’s a lock down a shut down
An epidemic pandemic
It’s more serious than Ebola
They call it Corona
Once it was isis
now it’s a virus
causing a crisis.
God bless the medics
Doctors and nurses
Let’s get back to Business
Is it a conspiracy,
A fever, or simple allergy
We don’t want your gold
We need more...flour.
505 · Oct 2021
Before I jumped
Andrew Oct 2021
If only you knew
how sorry
I really am,
for that day
by the lake
all I remember
was seeing you
kneeling down
with the soil
so embedded
behind each torn nail
watching your make-up run
498 · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
The way she drinks, it irritates
The way she eats, It irritates
The way she yawns, It irritates
Even when
she’s on the phone, it irritates
Like a coiled spring
when sprung it f** vibrates
489 · Jan 13
Teenage memories
Andrew Jan 13
Wherever I go
It will feel unfair
Whenever I stare
You’ll always be there

I like the clothes
That you wear
The way you care

I love the way
you do your hair
The looks we share

After seven years
You said goodbye
The words we used
Told the coldest lie

When we were young
Our world was fun
Now it’s all gone
Im back with mum
460 · Nov 2021
A real friend
Andrew Nov 2021
Someone once said,
                             “If you are true friends
                         no matter whatever happens
                          you will always meet again”
455 · Feb 2021
Andrew Feb 2021
Please give me the words
To numb this pain
437 · Apr 29
Sorry I forgot you
Andrew Apr 29
I feel rather lost
Some days
I feel a little blue
Only now and then
I feel quite down
All because my mind
Runs back to you
386 · Nov 2020
Andrew Nov 2020
Parents are the most peculiar things,
You think you’re really close
Yet really you are so far apart
375 · Jan 28
run away mind
Andrew Jan 28
To stop it all
from happening,
363 · Jan 20
Saying goodbye
Andrew Jan 20
In the end
didn’t matter
your last look
the most
358 · Nov 2021
A short poem
Andrew Nov 2021
If I could paint
with my words
Your portrait
would be epic
349 · Jun 6
Let me sleep
Andrew Jun 6
If I could dream
Any dream
There’s only one dream
That I would dream
It would be you
Still loving me
344 · Dec 2021
The gypsy girl
Andrew Dec 2021
The young gypsy girl
Who fell off a cloud
That found peace
When her feet
Touched the ground

She held the sunlight
Which would burn
Golden bright
While watching over you
As you sleep
Throughout the night

Her long red hair
With her stylish dress wear
Flows down the street
Floats on thin air
332 · Nov 2021
For you
Andrew Nov 2021
If I was to write
A verse or two
Just for you
It would have to start

Your heart is
As pure
As the Mountain Dew
Filled with so much joy
Devotion would be
the best word served
For our home and family
And of course
our little boy

With everything
We have been through
Pink and blue
You’ve always stayed
Strong and true

If I was to give to you
What you have given us
It would be a lifetime’s worth
Of angels dust
My Xmas present for my partner
324 · Jan 27
Making amends to my ex-
Andrew Jan 27
I’m so scared
if we to meet
I’d loose my nerves
from under my feet

I arrive
all beat-up
while you waltz in
all dressed-up

I’m not here
to pose or impress
nor to stare
at your beautiful dress

please let this
go to plan
so I can
walk out
still being a man
253 · Nov 2021
Andrew Nov 2021
Where do I go
how do I start
What do I do
with this broken heart

I feel so alone
like an empty city
A broken bone
full of gilt and pity

I often wonder
if you felt the same
I’m still here
me and my shame

There is no fire
without any flame
Clouds turn to thunder
its only me who’s to blame
200 · Jan 15
My mum
Andrew Jan 15
you have been there
literally -
from day one
still handing out love
from all I have done

A mum
who is my mother
my protector
my carer
a strong shoulder
that never grew colder

It may be once or twice
I set the pace,
like wild mice
In a race,
yet somehow
you always managed
to keep our home
nice and safe

I have a family,
a place of my own
and if I can be
half the parent,
you were to me
than my boy will grow
to be quite a man-
won’t you agree?
For my mum
175 · Dec 2020
Cry for help
Andrew Dec 2020
All on my own
Sipping on fine warm wine
Sitting, thinking
I’m all written out
The world is all mine
Staring at my last tiny line
162 · Jul 2021
Eyes shut
Andrew Jul 2021
Every time I close my eyes
All I see is you
156 · Mar 2021
Andrew Mar 2021
It’s easier when one says
Than when one feels
156 · Dec 2020
Young love
Andrew Dec 2020
You were once
so young
Yet I never saw
what was coming
132 · Dec 2020
Andrew Dec 2020
Self isolation
No time for a curfew
My Sitting room hell
My street window view
120 · May 2020
Panic attack
Andrew May 2020
Fight or flight-
That’s what they say, right?
Say what you like
While the skin is pale
Throughout the day and night
Like a fresh clean sheet -
Crispy and white
Yes, you have guessed-
Anxiety and stress,
Adhd and my Aspergers
Smothers me tightly
Never gently or lightly
I hear the wind
In the leaves
As darkness
Covers my eyes
The most caressing breeze
Takes me down to the floor
Straight to my knees
116 · Apr 2020
Holding on
Andrew Apr 2020
I still hold on despite the hurt
scared that one day I might forget
113 · Dec 2020
It’s been so long
Andrew Dec 2020
It’s been so long
since we last spoke
but today,
your still there
inside my head
like you never left
113 · Apr 2020
111 · Feb 2021
Big hearts
Andrew Feb 2021
This world isn’t big enough
for hearts like ours
110 · May 2020
Pick a petal
Andrew May 2020
She loves me
she loves me not,
She breaks my heart
she knows the spot
108 · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
Why did that last look
outweigh all the memories.
108 · Apr 2020
Last words
Andrew Apr 2020
Last ever words were
                  “Whatever happens
                    Please don’t go off
                 with any of my friends”
102 · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
I do not want to live  
  I have lost the will to die
102 · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
They hear the laugh
They see the smile
Meanwhile sadly
Reality is torn in half
This old ship is sinking fast
Struggling to gain composure
I got to hang on to this mask
100 · Jan 24
Empty nesters
Andrew Jan 24
It’s ok to smile
even though
It’s been a while

This lonely old life
no man or woman  
no husband or wife

We live alone
when the children
leave home
our pets
become babies
as we sit
on our own

At night I reminisce
of loved ones
that I miss
those who aren’t here
are the ones
I hold dear

My hand feels
my heart gives
while my soul
98 · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
If all I need to do is try
I will never fail
95 · Apr 2020
We laughed and joked
Andrew Apr 2020
Throughout my life
We often joked,
I have the tree
he has the rope,
He would laugh
I would laugh too,
Acting all cool but not laughing all the way through.
95 · May 2020
Andrew May 2020
Every time I shut my eyes
I see you
Right there
In front of me
Where you shouldn’t be
90 · May 2020
Andrew May 2020
Why do I feel a failure
When I prefer to be a sailor,
A loner, a lost ghost,
A captain of a ship
I pray I live in hope
My last words won’t ever slip
I dream yet still learn
Your tender touch I mustn’t yearn
I laugh outside,
But cry hard inside
Like a loud ringing bell
You will never know I live in hell
Every tear drop I weep
I’m able to wash down
Every sidewalk, alley,
Even the dingiest street
Now, I mustn’t go astray
If I was to say
I saw my mum asleep
Also thought it would be
The last time we’d ever meet
90 · Apr 2020
Andrew Apr 2020
I can do sarcasm
I just can’t deal with it.
89 · Apr 2020
Left behind
Andrew Apr 2020
There’s always one
Who gets left behind
It may be,
You, me,
Her or him
As most are -
An empty shell,
A ghost,
An envelope
Lost in the post.
89 · Apr 2020
The map of life
Andrew Apr 2020
You haven’t done it wrong
You’ve just lost your way.
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