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2aftermidnight Jul 2014
The world of sadness consuming my body, entring the relam of my soul, gards of my soul is tired, out of wepones, thier been in many battels, a blood bath became me.
2aftermidnight Jul 2014
Love is a fiction, its not the same ending for every love story, its what goes between the ending and start that fascinates me, how writers twist and turn to get to the same ending.
2aftermidnight Jun 2014
Life is full of **** and i'm done with it.
2aftermidnight Jun 2014
I need sunshine,
I need angels,
I need Something good,
I need blue skies,
*Something good that I need.
2aftermidnight Jun 2014
My finger tips is as cold as the heat of hell,
Inhaling and Exhaling chemicals that is running through my veins into my brain, i call it anchor, heavy as it is.
a secret i share… "i write when i'm choking.." Shhh.. , the word of silence and a verb of order to keep the darkest secrets.
     **welcome to wonderland.
2aftermidnight May 2014
Contradiction that is my soul name,
strong but weak,
good but bad,
can be controlled but out of control,
happy but depressed,

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